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Counters: Preset, Totalizers, and Tachometers

Baumer Inc. offers a range of counters and electronic tachometers that enable better monitoring and control of your processes. Whether you need to monitor product quantities, flow rates, movement or rotational speed, we can supply the perfect solution. We can offer electronic, mechanical, or electromechanical counters, with digital readouts or number wheels. Our counters are simple to operate and provide long-lasting, reliable performance. They feature scalable measuring values, value retention in case of a power failure, and compatibility with both single and dual-channel encoders.


The various types of counters we supply include totalizers, preset counters, tachometers and time counters. We can provide a wide range of totalizers for both fast and slow counting operations. They are available with up to 8 digit displays. Preset counters are useful for applications such as trimming, positioning and packaging because they can compare values, calculate differences, and communicate with control systems. We have a variety of tachometers to monitor and display speed, velocity, cycle rates, stretching, shrinking or slip. Our time counters can be used for time-controlled processes or to display usage time of equipment.

Other applications for our products include batch counters, bi-directional counters, coil winding counters, coin counters, direct drive counters, directional counters, event counters, impulse counters, linear measuring counters, size and particle counters, speed indicating counters, and more.

Counters expertise

Baumer has been designing and manufacturing counters for over 100 years. We have a large product portfolio including everything you need to streamline and automate your processes such as photoelectric sensors, ultrasonic sensors, inductive sensors, absolute encoders, incremental encoders, cable-pull encoders, and precision switches.

Counters industries

Our counters are used for applications ranging from coin counters to textile counters. They can count lengths, revolutions, or strokes of a reciprocating motion. Our counters are versatile and can be configured to suit your specific application. We have experience serving industries including water and wastewater, food and beverage, oil and gas, and wind turbines.

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