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Spiral Conveyors

Spiral conveyors are available from Barlow Manufacturing. These conveyors can efficiently move product between different elevations and are the perfect solution for facilities with limited floor space. We are the ideal source for conveyors with our complete range of custom fabrication and machining services. Our services include high precision laser cutting, CNC metal forming horizontal boring, and more. Our company has the expertise to design and build conveyors to meet any special requirements. We also have experience creating a wide range of machinery including belt conveyors, bottle tippers, case turners, compression conveyors, line shaft conveyors, spray machines, and stirrer blenders.

Spiral conveyors

With Barlow Manufacturing's capabilities in engineering and fabrication, our company can provide custom spiral conveyors to suit any requirements. They can include a variety of options for lowering or elevating products including dual lanes or reversible conveying.

Our spiral conveyors feature mass flow capability along with continuous product flow and high throughput. These conveyors can be used to move all types of products including bags, cans, pails, totes, trays, bundles, bottles, and containers.

Another vertical transport solution we provide is elevator-lowerators. They are used for applications where accumulation is not required and can move product single file from one conveyor line to another.

Company expertise

When it comes to designing the perfect custom solution, Barlow's experienced engineers utilize computer aided design to ensure the best possible performance, efficiency, and reliability. We are able to create truly innovative solutions to any application challenge due to our many years of experience.

Industries served

Barlow Manufacturing has experience providing conveyors to a variety of different industries. That means these conveyors can be tailored to suit the specialized requirements of different applications. Some of the industries we often serve are automotive, food and beverage, glass container manufacturing, packaging, laundry and linen, and greenhouse and nursery.

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