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Safety Hats

We supply safety hats that help balance your workers’ safety and well-being. Hard hats are necessary for ensuring that your employees aren’t injured by falling debris. Poor-quality hard hats can lead to injury and worker discomfort, reducing productivity and costing your business money. Avenue Supply Co. Ltd. offers a solution with our hats. Designed for both safety and comfort, they can be adjusted to fit many different head sizes and provide unprecedented protection. Buying a hat from us is an investment in your employees’ safety.

Ratchet adjustment and economical hard hats available

We carry a range of hard-hats and bump caps from established brands like ERB. Their Omega II line of economical hard hats come in colours including yellow, blue, orange, red and white. Each hat is made from polyethylene, ensuring maximum safety while also providing adjustability to increase worker comfort. Each hat is cushioned and features a sweat pad to ensure greater visibility. These hard hats come in a standard model, as well as a ratchet size adjustment model to allow better fitting. Each ERB hat we carry features six-point suspension.      We also stock ERB’s brand of bump caps for applications where falling or glancing objects are not present. These caps prevent small impacts, allow for greater air circulation and come in black, blue and high visibility yellow. They also feature four-point suspension.      We also keep a line of CSA-approved hats among our stock. Available in both four- and six-point suspension, they feature ratchet adjustments and come in white and yellow. Nape straps, comfort pads and sweatbands are included to make sure the hats maintain a high-comfort level.

Essential for industrial and construction work

Hard hats are a necessary safety product in construction, industrial work and more. Bump caps, meanwhile, are used in industries such as painting and food processing, where significant impact to the head can be avoided.

Fast shipping and quality service

We offer same-day shipping on many of our hard hats, depending on the model. The most you will need to wait to receive your hard hat is three days. Bump caps are usually shipped within 11 days.      We offer a performance guarantee and three-year warranty on each of our hats to ensure both short- and long-term satisfaction. If you are not pleased with your hat for any reason, our performance guarantee allows you to return it for a full refund.

About us

As a distributor of industrial supplies and equipment since 1989, we’ve been proud to offer a wide selection and convenient shopping experience to our customers.

We represent the following manufacturers:

ERB Safety: Since 1956, we have grown to manufacture a wide range of safety products, including gloves, ear plugs, hard hats and more for industrial applications.


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