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Office Bins Recycling

We offer recycling bins that provide ideal storage and disposal options for your office. Businesses need to remain clean and tidy to operate efficiently. A good recycling bin is the first step in this process. It helps to organize recycling efforts and ensures that time is not wasted on disposal. Avenue Industrial Supply Co. Ltd. can help you find the bin that meets your recycling needs. We offer a range of sizes and styles that will meet your capacity needs and ensure that you can implement effective recycling policies across your office. Our three-year warranties and wide selection ensure that you’ll find the product that works for you.

Rubbermaid and WITT products available

We carry products from Rubbermaid and WITT that perform perfectly within office settings. We carry a series of Rubbermaid plastic containers designed to be placed next to workers’ desks for maximum organization and convenience. These containers can hold 13 3/4, 28 1/8 and 41 1/4 quarts, and come in either blue or green. If you’re looking for an organized and efficient break room container, Rubbermaid also offers the Slim Jim model, with handles designed to make disposal easy. Available in standard and vented models, these containers are designed to handle high volumes of recycling products.      For curbside disposal of recyclable materials, we can provide two Rubbermaid options that offer extreme simplicity. Their 14-gallon recycling bin is made of blue plastic with an open top and rectangular frame, while the BRUTE rollout recycling container can hold up to 50 gallons worth of recyclable material, with extra protection coming from its closable lid.      We also carry WITT recycling containers. Made of steel and painted in black, grey and red, WITT’s containers blend aesthetically eye-popping design with the functionality of 24-, 28- and 32-gallon containers.

Indoor and outdoor use

The Rubbermaid DeskSide container is designed for indoor office use only. The Slim Jim, 14-gallon recycling bin and BRUTE rollout models are all versatile, with the former working both indoors and outdoors and the latter two ideal for curbside use.

Warranties and delivery

Each of these recycling bins carry a three-year warranty. We also provide fast delivery to suit your needs.

About us

With over 25 years’ worth of experience, Avenue Industrial Supply Co. is a quick and convenient way of purchasing industrial equipment. Our website presents a user-friendly interface, while our dedicated customer service team ensures you get the product that perfectly meets your needs.

We represent the following manufacturers

Rubbermaid Commercial Products: With nearly 50 years in business, Rubbermaid has become a global leader in cleaning, sanitary and waste management products.      WITT Industries: Owned by the Armour Group, WITT industries designs products for recycling, waste disposal and more out of steel, fiberglass and more.


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