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Hazardous Materials Drums

We offer hazardous material drums designed for durability and maximum containment. When you’re storing potentially harmful goods, you need to ensure that they are solid and won’t spill. If your drums fail, it not only affects your productivity, it could harm your equipment, products and even staff. Avenue Industrial Supply Co Ltd. can help you find the right drum to give you that peace of mind. Our Skolnik products come in a variety of sizes to suit your purpose, each UN-accredited to hold a variety of harmful substances. With our numerous options and our performance guarantee, you can be sure that our drums offer a high-performance solution for your business.

Strong and durable drums from Skolnik

We offer Skolnik drums designed to contain hazardous materials safely and effectively. Made of high-endurance carbon steel and rust-inhibited, these drums provide excellent durability. They carry the UN’s approval for storing hazardous materials, and are ideal for storing gasoline, kerosene and wax-based substances. Units come in 10, 20, 30 and 55-gallon varieties, with inside diameters ranging from 14 x 17” to 22 ½ x 33” to ensure maximum storage available. These drums come with either open or closed heads, with the former offering ideal performance for solids and the latter predominantly used to contain liquids. The heads also feature plugs for easier access, and lever locking and bolt ring enclosures are available for our open head models.

Wide storage applications in manufacturing

Steel drums are routinely used within manufacturing plants. Our drums offer a wide variety of storage applications for materials of all states.

Custom coating available

We also offer epoxy phenolic coating for additional cost. This material allows the drums to work better with a wider range of substances and increase rust-inhibition.

About us

Based within the Greater Toronto Area, we’ve made customer satisfaction a priority over our 25-year lifespan. We offer over 50,000 products, each one available with our performance guarantee to ensure that you’re wholly satisfied with your purchase.

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Skolnik provides containment solutions, including drums, sheets and barrels. With numerous UN certifications and a renowned reputation, you can be sure of quality when you buy Skolnik.


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