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Drum Racks

We offer drum racks that will help maximize your storage capacity and space. When you store drums, you want to be sure that you can access them easily and that they won’t take up unnecessary space within your work environment. Avenue Industrial Supply Co. Ltd. carries racks that will help you store your steel drums more effectively. With racks that stack vertically and portably, you won’t waste valuable room. Our products offer easy access through dispensing systems and easy forklift access to ensure that you can use your drums the way you want to. All of this, combined with our performance guarantee, ensures that you’ll walk away happy when you shop with us.

Racks from Meco and Relius

We carry racks manufactured by both Meco and Relius Solutions to ensure that you find the rack that carries the right number and sizes of drums. Meco racks can hold either 30- or 55-gallon drums. Their stacking drum racks are welded, allow forklifts to pick up drums from four different angles, and can be placed on top of one another to save room. These racks come in two- and three-drum models. Meco’s three-drum storage rack, meanwhile, offers vertical storage for drums up to 800 lbs. each, with a steel structure that guarantees stability.  Further varieties of these racks come with the ability to store four, six, nine and 12 drums.     Relius Solutions’ drum dispensing system offers added value in its ability to hook hoses into drums for easy draining. Each system comes with the necessary equipment to allow for draining, including hoses, valves, hardware and more, with up to eight drums fitting on the rack. We also carry Relius’ portable stand that allows you to store two drums in the most space-economical way possible.

Storage applications across industries

Our racks can be used for storage and draining applications anywhere 30- and 55-gallon drums are used. This can include uses in chemical processing plants, oil refineries and more.

Exceptional products, guaranteed

We offer three-day and two-week delivery for our racks, depending on the model. Each rack also comes with a three-year warranty and our standard performance guarantee, which ensures that you will be satisfied with your product or we’ll refund your order.

About us

Avenue Industrial Supply Co. Ltd. has worked tirelessly over the past 25 years to provide the best products and widest selection possible. Visit our website to see our range of office and industrial equipment and supplies.

We represent the following manufacturers:

Meco Omaha: Meco provides storage solutions for industrial applications. With over 100 years’ history behind it, Meco has continued to prove its legacy of manufacturing quality storage products.

Relius Solutions: Since starting in 2009, Relius offers a wide range of storage and material supply options.


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