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Manufacturers of metal strip, coil and staple set brushes for the industrial market place

Year established: 1981
Number of employees: 20
Estimated annual revenue: $1,000,000 to $4,999,999

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Our abrasive brushes help remove rust and oxidation from your machines, making them look great and function better.

Abrasive Filament Brushes

Our abrasive filament brushes are great for cosmetic and finishing purposes. Whether you want your machinery to look nice or to resist wear such as rusting and oxidation, Associated Industrial Brush Co. has you covered. Our hard and sturdy brushes stand up to harmful processes like shock and chemicals to ensure that your products look and function well. Included in every order is the peace of mind that comes with ordering from a company with over 30 years’ experience in the industrial brush market. Silicon carbide and aluminum oxide brushes We offer brushes made with both silicon carbide an...

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Our soft cloth brushes retain their colour and cleaning capabilities for longer, ensuring better value for your purchase.

Car Wash Brushes

Associated Industrial Brush’s car wash brushes are of superior quality and durability. We manufacture our brushes to fit all manufacturers’ original equipment and can also custom-make brushes to fit your exact needs. As an international leader in industrial brush technology combined with our dedication to customer service and consultation, you can trust that our brushes will contain the material and the wear-resistance necessary to keep cleaning longer and more effectively. Soft cloth and filament brushes available We manufacture soft cloth wash brushes to suit your needs. Our soft cloth br...

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We manufacture coil and strip brushes to help clear away excess dirt and debris from your conveyors.

Conveyor Belt Cleaning Brushes

Our conveyor belt cleaning brushes can help you boost productivity at your business. You equipment can’t run at its best when it’s clogged with dirt and debris. Our brushes quickly wear away built-up grime and dirt, allowing your machines to function the way they were intended. We have a variety of brush options to suit your needs and can work closely with you to determine the brush that’s right for your business. Coil and strip brushes We offer Magnum-brand coil and strip brushes that are proven to remove excess material from your conveyors. Our spiral coil brushes work consistently under ...

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Our custom metal strip brushes allow you to choose options such as core and channel material, filament types and more.

Custom Brushes

Our custom brush-making service will ensure that our product will meet your specifications perfectly. You wouldn’t settle for standard in your work, so why would you settle for a standard brush? Associated Industrial Brush Co. Ltd. designs brushes to fit your desired application perfectly. We offer a wide selection of materials, filament styles and types and more. Above all, our excellent design staff and proven customer service skills will ensure that you get the product you need for the right price. Custom coil and metal strip, tufted cylinder brushes Customers can order their own unique ...

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We customize each of our strip brushes to ensure that they fit your exact needs.

Strip Brushes

We offer strip brushes that are sure to meet your unique needs. When buying equipment, you need to be sure that a product will work well for your purposes. Too often, products made under standard specifications don’t prove up to the task. Associated Industrial Brush Co. Ltd. has customizable product solutions that will help you find the right brush for your job. AIB Magnum line of strip brushes We customize our Magnum line of strip brushes to ensure that you get the product that’s just right for your practical applications. Our brushes have a wide variety of functions, and as a result work ...

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Our corporate focus is concentrated on assisting you in your pursuit of the most efficient and cost effective solution to your design and manufacturing challenges.

Associated Industrial Brush Co. Ltd.

Value Proposition

Associated Industrial Brush has continuously improved its brush manufacturing capabilities, to ensure that we meet or exceed our customer's expectations.

We offer product engineering and design services that enhance our diverse manufacturing capabilities.

Areas of Expertise

  • International Leader in Industrial Brush Technology

  • Engineering and Designing Services

  • CNC Machining Services

  • Prototypes and Product Projects

  • Food Industry

  • Automotive Industry

  • Glass Industry

  • Transit Industry


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