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Paint Spray Booths

We provide custom designed paint spray booths that will help you increase production and lower costs. We offer both dry filter and water wash booths, reclaim and spray-to-waste systems, as well as batch style booths and spray equipment.  We have experience installing turnkey systems as well as supplying a wide range of finishing components. Annadale Finishing Systems provides solutions for the manufacturing and processing industries that reduce waste, optimize production, and enhance the quality of the final product.  We will work with you from the initial concept stage until your system is up and running.

Paint spray booths

Our dry filter booths are designed for effective airflow which ensures efficient paint transfer and removal of airborne particulate. For high production applications, we can supply water wash booths. They feature low maintenance and high efficiency.

We can offer paint booths with either spray-to-waste or reclaim systems. Centrifuge options are available to make waste disposal easy, as they will help you collect and compress any waste. We can also provide batch style booths that can be outfitted with spray and bake features.

A variety of spray equipment is also available, including tools for electrostatic, airless, air spray, HVLP, and air assisted airless applications. We carry leading brand name tools such as Binks, Sata, Graco, Wagner, and DeVilbiss.

Paint spray booths expertise

Our accumulated experience amounts to 164 years. We have the capabilities to provide any finishing equipment to meet your needs. We can provide equipment including industrial conveyors, ovens, air supply units, pumping systems, controls, automation systems, and more. We can also work with your existing equipment to perform upgrades, or retrofit our products for your system.

Paint spray booths industries

We have experience working with manufacturers in an array of industries including automotive, plastics, enclosures, trailers, and lifting equipment. Some of the customers we have had the privilege to work for include A.G Simpson Automotive, Babcock & Wilcox, Camco Appliances, Magna Inc., and Pace America Trailers.


Annadale Finishing Systems (2003) Inc.
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