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Paint Finishing Systems

Annadale Finishing Systems can provide finishing line components or custom engineer a complete turnkey system to meet your requirements. Our systems include pre-treatment, spray booths, curing systems, conveyors, pumping systems and spray equipment. We carry the best products from leading manufacturers including powder coating booths from Wagner Systems, air dryers from Omega Compressors and pumps from Graco Inc. We are always happy to lend our expertise to ensure our paint finishing systems exceed your expectations. We will work with you from the initial planning stage to installation and start up.

Paint finishing systems

We can design a paint finishing system to meet your needs. Our systems involve a number of components that are also available separately. For pre-treatment applications, we can supply multi-stage washers, custom spray systems, and waste water treatment systems. To keep the process clean and efficient, we offer a variety of spray booths including batch style, water wash, powder, down draft, cross draft and side draft. We can also supply reclaim systems. We provide ovens for preheating, drying, and curing. We have air supply units to improve ventilation and air quality. Both overhead and floor mounted conveyors are available with horizontal turns and vertical bends to make the best use of available space.

We offer paint pumping systems including agitators, heaters, filters, and drum lid elevators. We have application tools including air spray, airless, air assisted airless, HVLP, and electrostatic systems. To monitor and control all of your paint finishing components, we can provide control systems with user-friendly touch screen interfaces, and direct dial modems to enable offsite programming and trouble shooting.

Paint finishing systems expertise

Annadale Finishing Systems has been supplying the manufacturing and processing industries with innovative solutions since 1983. Besides providing custom systems and components, we can also retrofit or upgrade your existing finishing systems.

Paint finishing systems manufacturers

Graco Inc.

Graco Inc. is an experienced manufacturer that has been in business since 1926. They supply a variety of pumps and spray equipment.

Wagmer Systems

Wagmer Systems provides powder spray booths, vacuums and reclaim systems. They utilize a large manufacturing facility and a state-of-the-art testing laboratory.

Omega Compressors

Omega Compressors supplies a range of air treatment equipment including compressors and refrigerated dryers. It is a family business that strives to provide superior products and support.


Annadale Finishing Systems (2003) Inc.
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