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Transfer Machines

AMT Machine Tools offers diverse and capable transfer machines to suit your business needs. When you’re producing machine parts, you need to work quickly to maintain good productivity. Our rotary transfer machines allow you to work on a wide variety of parts without sacrificing needless time and effort. We offer some of the most innovative and well-known transfer machines from Hydromat and EXTE-TAR. With these machines, you can be sure that you’ll produce better parts faster than ever before.

Product line of rotary machines:

We carry machines from Hydromat, ICON and EXTE-TAR, with each offering unique options to better serve your needs.

Our Hydromat products include the Epic R/T, AT 6-100, Inline Standard-8, as well as Trunnion, indexing chuck and CNC control machines. The Epic R/T and Trunnion lines feature between six and eight vertical and 12 to 16 horizontal machine stations, creating a smooth workflow. Each machine can work on pieces up to 45mm in diameter, with efficient part changeover between stations. The AT 6-100 has four cutting stations that allow it to produce parts cleanly and quickly.   The Inline Standard-8 works quickly while saving material, while the indexing chuck provides unprecedented accuracy.

The ICON 6-250, meanwhile, has a spindle motor that can reach 12,000 rotations-per-minute in less than a minute. This gives it extreme speed while retaining its keen accuracy. This allows it to produce complex parts quickly and effectively.

Wide variety of industrial applications:

Our machinery has a wide variety of applications across various industries. The Epic R/T and Trunnion lines of machinery work excellently in a metalworking capacity, while the AT 6-100 is ideal for crafting medical components. Our machines have also been used in the automotive, aerospace, plumbing, electrical and hardware industries.

Excellent customer service:

For over 50 years, AMT Machine Tools Ltd. has prided itself on its customer service and wide selection of rotary transfer machines and machine tools. Based in Etobicoke, we also offer filtration and collector machines and other machine accessories.

Manufacturers represented by AMT:


Based in St. Louis, Hydromat machines allow customers to create fast, consistent and strong machine parts with their line of rotary transfer machines. With over 30 years experience in the manufacturing business, Hydromat has the experience and commitment necessary to produce excellent products.


With both standard and custom-made engineering solutions, EXTE-TAR has expanded outside of Spain and now offers its exceptional rotary transfer machines to Canadians.

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