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Screw Machines

AMT Machine Tool’s range of screw machines will help ensure that your products reach a high standard of manufacturing excellence. With so many lathes on the market, it can be difficult to find what machinery suits your particular purpose. Our devoted staff can help you find the right fit for your business. With a wide selection of diverse equipment, ensuring that no matter what you’re looking for in a lathe, we’ll have affordable and well-maintained stock for you.

Wide selection of Star and Hydromat products:

We offer extensive lines of Star CNC and Hydromat screw machines. With over 16 different models to choose from, we are sure to have machine tools that suit your needs.

Our Star CNC machines offer a wide variety of applications. The SB-20E features a high production rate and works wonders on harder materials. Meanwhile, the compact SR-10J produces smaller parts with high precision. Star’s SV series represents a versatile option in screw machinery, while the new SR-20III can work at a speed of 35,000 mm/min. With 12 different machines, each with their own particular strengths, Star’s CNC machines offer exceptional selection.

Hydromat’s Tornos machines use cutting-edge technology for greater functioning. Their Multi-Alpha 6X32 model features six spindles, with three that work separately from one another within five positions. This set-up helps the machinery last longer and improve the quality of the parts produced. The Multi-Alpha 8x20 also features this technology, but with more spindles. The Multi-Sigma 8x24 simplifies part production, completing each step on one machine, while the SAS 16.6 descends from previous machines over the past 40 years to produce at about 75 parts per minute.

Produces parts for different industries:

Star CNC machines have practical applications in industries such as medicine, aviation and more. Hydromat’s Tornos line can produce automotive, electrical, plumbing and aerospace parts.

Dedicated customer service:

Based in Etobicoke, AMT Machine Tools Ltd. has a 50-year track record of excellence in customer service. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff can help guide you through the process of selecting one of our many lathes.

We represent the following manufacturers:

Star CNC Machine Tool Corp.:

Since 1948, Star CNC Machine Tool Corp. has distributed lathes and machinery throughout the United States. Recently, they have won acclaim for their Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machinery.


Hydromat is a manufacturing company based in St. Louis. For 30 years, they have engineered, produced and sold multi-purpose lathes.

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