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Photoelectronic Sensors

We carry photoelectric sensors that allow you to better automate your business. Whether you’re looking for increased safety for your workers, to increase customer experience or to reduce unnecessary labour, we have sensory options that will make your business more efficient. Our selection of products means that whether you’re looking for range, accuracy, detection across the light spectrum and more, you’ll find it at AMT Machine Tools.

Supplier of Telco products:

We offer a wide variety of sensors from Telco’s line of photoelectronics. From through-beams to fibres, our range of products is sure to meet your sensing needs.

Our SpaceMaster series includes through beam, diffuse and retro-reflective sensing options. Our through-beam sensors have a wide detection range. The SM 3000, 3000/CAT 2 and 6000 models work between one and fifteen meters or less, while our higher range models can detect interference from between 20 and 70 meters. Each work can operate by cable or plug and have their own unique benefits, such as versatility in difficult areas, the ability to work in the light and dark, slimmer beams and more.

Our diffuse model sensors work excellently within close ranges and represent a simpler and more cost effective sensing option, while our retro-reflective models offer a sensible middle ground between our through-beam and reflective options. We also offer a polarized retro-reflective model for added accuracy.

We also carry SpaceMaster 7000 and 8000 models with fiber sensing capabilities. These products perform well in situations other sensor types struggle in and come in both glass for greater range and sensing capability and plastic.

Variety of uses across industries:

Our photoelectronic sensors have many applications across numerous industries. They’re excellent for automating factories and have seen widespread use in industries such as retail, automotive, security and more.

50 years’ experience:

When you shop with our company, you get experience and care with your purchases. Our customer service team will strive to ensure you find the right product to fit your needs at a price that fits your budget.

AMT Machine Tools represents this manufacturer:

Telco Sensors:

Based in Denmark, Telco Sensors has worked for 40 years to build its industry knowledge and wide selection of sensors. With products such as power supplies, frame sensors, light curtains and more, you can trust Telco for all your sensory needs.

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