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Multi-Spindle Automatic Bar Lathes

We carry multi-spindle automatic bar lathes that will can help your company with its cutting, sanding or drilling needs. When you use a lathe, you want to be sure that your machinery will work accurately and quickly, all while requiring as little labour as possible. Our machinery handles your products carefully yet productively, ensuring that your conserve time, energy and material. Above all, our dedication to our customers and knowledgeable staff will ensure that you find the lathe that’s right for your applications.

Cubic Machinery GT Mini:

We primarily carry Cubic Machinery’s GT Mini CNC lathe. The GT Mini’s stable tools make it faster and more precise than turret-based lathes. While it is quick and accurate, the lathe doesn’t lack for power. Its spindle runs at 6,000 rotations per minute and has a traverse speed of 712 inches per minute. It can hold bars of up to 26 mm and comes with a catcher for temporarily storing finished parts. Options include a bar feed unit, which allows for full automation. A Mitsubishi 64-bit controller works the machine, while its small size makes it easy to transport and organize within your workspace.

Applications across industries:

Cubic Machinery offers products with applications in jeweling, optical production, defense and more.

Customization and customer service:

Cubic Machinery also offers CNC installation on existing lathes, allowing you to further automate your current equipment.

Over the past 50 years, AMT Machine Tools Ltd. has built its reputation on knowledgeable customer service and fair prices. We offer a wide variety of filtering, metal cutting and automating solutions to suit your machinery needs.

AMT Machine Tools Ltd. represents the following manufacturers:

Cubic Machinery:

Cubic Machinery proves its dedication to quality machinery through extensive testing and quality control. Based in Chino, California, we offer affordable machinery options to help your business reach its optimal potential.

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