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Machine Tools

We supply a variety of machine tools, accessories and expert service for all our products. Just some of the equipment we provide include Star CNC Swiss-style machines, Hydromat rotary transfer machines, and CNC multi-spindle lathes. We also carry the accessories to handle filtration and automation for your machine tools. We provide everything you need to upgrade and streamline your metal cutting and grinding processes—that’s why we’re known as the productivity specialists.

 Product lines

Automatic screw machines:

We carry automatic screw machines from Hydromat that feature 6 or 8 spindles that function independently for cutting RPM, spindle stops and indexing. They have 20 mm and 32 mm bar capacities. We also supply Star CNC automatic screw machines that range from the latest high speed model, the SR-20III that can reach speeds of 35,000 mm/min, to their most cost effective model, the SG-42 that uses a non-guide-brush system and a 4 spindle sleeve.

Bar Feeders:

We carry a variety of bar feeders including those that have changeover times of under a minute, such as the Minuteman 320 SE from Edge Technologies, to those that are suited for dedicated production applications like Lexair Inc.’s Rhinobar. Our Bar feeders come from manufacturers including Edge Technologies, Lexair, LNS and IEMCA.

Transfer machines:

We sell a range of transfer machines from Hydromat, ICON, and ETXE-TAR, such as the EPIC/RT from Hydromat. The EPIC/RT has the servo valve and control devices mounded directly to the tool-spindle unit, which improves the machine’s flexibility.

We also provide CNC lathes, broaching machines, centerless grinders, turning centers and custom cleaning solutions. We carry drills, taps, reamers, thread rolling equipment, as well as tools for turning, grooving, threading, boring and cut-off.

Industries: machining

AMT has been supplying the metal cutting and grinding industry since 1964. Our products are used in machining centers for applications drilling, boring, broaching, turning, milling, recessing, threading, tapping, and more.

Our manufacturers


Hydromat has been creating manufacturing solutions for over 30 years. Their rotary transfer machines are all modular and provide both flexibility and precision.

Star CNC Machine Tool Corp

Star CNC Machine Tool Corp is one of the leading manufacturers of high tech machine tool equipment needed for producing small, complex metal components. Star CNC is a division of Star Micronics of Japan.


LNS has over 40 years of experience and specializes in bar feeders that achieve high spindle speeds while maintaining accuracy. They also provide workholding devices and mist collectors.

And more

We supply machine tools and accessories from a wide variety of manufacturers.

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