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Centerless, External Grinders

Our wide selection of centerless external grinders is bound to help your business with its aesthetic needs. Our machines help smooth out your products so they look appealing to customers, increasing your business. Each machine provides a different type of grinding, so whether you need precise detailing, extra-strength grinding for hard materials, or fast production, our products can get the job done. This selection, combined with our knowledgeable and devoted customer service, will ensure that you find the grinding option that’s right for your business.

Wide selection of Danobat products:
We carry Danobat’s line of Estarta centerless grinders. Each model caters to different sized parts and work.

The E301 and E305 grinders are designed for small parts. The former offers more accuracy on smaller goods. The E305, meanwhile, is also able to handle medium-sized work, while its headstock prevents excessive changeover to increase productivity. The E327 is designed to grind large parts quickly yet safely.

Danobat also manufactures grinding machines for specialty work. Their E302 model uses cubic boron nitride (CBN), which is harder than normal grinding wheels and can be used on tougher materials. The Etarta 315 can also work with a CBN or diamond wheel for greater strength, and is renowned for its accuracy and precise handling. Meanwhile, the E318 is designed to grind goods quickly and effectively, resulting in high productivity.

Cross-industry applications:

Grinding machines are used extensively in the manufacturing, automotive and metalworking industries. Smaller machines can be used to grind oil and gas valves, while models equipped with CBN wheels can work on ceramics and harder materials.

Proven knowledge and customer service:

With over 50 years in business, AMT Machine Tools has established itself as a reliable and convenient distributor. We offer effective delivery and knowledgeable customer service to our clients.

AMT Machine Tools works with the following distributors:

Danobat Group:

A division of Mondragon, Danobat provides machines for grinding, bending, drilling, punching and more. With operations around the world, the company has built a reputation for quality throughout its 50 years in business.

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