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Systems Process Equipment

We can provide systems process equipment to meet your requirements due to our custom fabrication capabilities. We have a large facility, an 18’ shipping envelope and 70-ton lifting capacity. We can produce equipment for hardened and high-tensile applications, or items that are suited to low temperature or high-corrosion environments. Our team of experienced engineers, fitters and welders will provide much more than fabrication services. We also offer design, assembly, installation of electrical and instrumentation components, and much more. Contact us for a quote and you will see why we are the go-to custom fabricator for a wide range of processing industries.

 Systems process equipment

We make custom process equipment from carbon steel and stainless steel, including alloys such as Inconel, Monel and Hastelloy. We even have the capability to produce equipment from titanium. Our huge facility means we can easily handle jobs of any scale.

To give an example of one of the many complex projects we have completed, consider the carbon steel flare drum we produced for a major integrated oil company. The vessel weighed over 155,000 pounds upon completion. It had a shell 15’ in diameter, with a shipping envelope of approximately 18’ by 18’. We fabricated the drum, including the complicated internal components, and shipped it by truck from Southwestern Ontario to Montreal.  But before we prepared the vessel for shipping, we partially insulated it to cut down on the work required at the site.

Systems process equipment expertise

Since Alps Welding Ltd. was founded in 1974, we have produced thousands of vessels. The variety of equipment we have produced includes pressure vessels of all sizes, stacks, piping systems, heat exchangers, blower fan wheels and more. More recently, we have developed our expertise in fabrication of modular plants as we have witnessed an increased demand for these projects.

 Systems process equipment industries

The systems process equipment we produce is used in a variety of process industries including pharmaceuticals, water treatment, steelmaking, petrochemicals, extraction and refining of oil and gas, and much more. Our experience gives us the technical knowledge to meet the varied requirements for these applications and to understand our clients’ specifications.

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