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Petroleum Industry Equipment

We can provide a wide variety of petroleum industry equipment, built to your specifications. We have built thousands of vessels in our 40-year history. Due to our customer service and fast deliveries, we have a reputation for handling projects that have encountered problems or are under demanding deadlines. When projects experience unforeseen issues in supply or scheduling, we are often asked to come to the rescue. We pride ourselves on the versatility of the work we perform. We use over 100 different welding procedures and we are always growing our offering of services.  Make us your first call for a quote and you won’t need to look any further.

Petroleum industry equipment

Some of the equipment we provide for the petroleum industry includes pressure vessels, flare stacks, flare drums, liquid seals and piping systems. A custom fabricator, we can design and produce whatever you need. We can work with titanium, carbon steel, stainless steel and a wide variety of alloys including Hastelloy, Monel, and Inconel.

One of our past projects was a custom heater and storage tank that were designed to be stacked vertically. A proper fit was critical to the success of this project, and corrections would be extremely difficult to perform in the field. Our large facility and crane capabilities allowed us to test fit the vessels inside our building. We utilize laser inspection techniques to precisely measure the accuracy of our work. 

Petroleum industry equipment manufacturing process

We are much more than a custom fabrication shop. We also provide engineering services to design and detail equipment, we can assemble equipment and handle your structural support requirements, or we can install electrical parts and instrumentation.

Petroleum industry equipment expertise

We have a team of highly skilled welders, engineers and fitters. Since 1974, we have been building petroleum industry equipment for a wide variety of applications. We can produce items designed for sour service, hardened applications, high-tensile applications, corrosive environments, or low temperature service.

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