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A.S.M.E Code Heat Exchangers

We can design and build custom A.S.M.E code heat exchangers to meet your requirements. Our facility offers the capabilities to trial fit large equipment. We can work with a variety of materials to produce equipment suitable for highly corrosive environments, sour service, high-tensile applications and more. We have experience with high levels of NDE inspection. Equipment designers, EPC’s and various end users from all over North America have been selecting us as their go-to fabricator since 1974. Our competitive pricing, versatile services, and fast delivery times make us your best choice. Let us give you quote and show you what sets us apart from the competition.

A.S.M.E code heat exchangers

We can work with many materials including many grades of stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, Hastelloy, Monel, and Inconel. We have over 100 different welding procedures, and we are always adding new capabilities. We pride ourselves on our versatility.

Our facility offers fabrication capabilities that are simply out of reach for other custom shops. We have 30 feet under the hook crane height with a lifting capacity of 70 tons. With our manufacturing equipment, we can perform comprehensive trial-fitting of our vessels. This provides the opportunity to ensure correct alignment and fit. Our customers can witness these tests first hand before approving the equipment for shipment to their site.

An example one of the heat exchanger projects we have completed was two condenser units for a multinational chemical company. The condensers were each more than 40’ long and weighed over 125,000 pounds. We made the shells, assembled the internal components (including all the baffle plates and stiffener rods), then installed and expanded the 4000 brass tubes required in each unit. Before shipping them out on specialized trailers, we hydro-tested them in our building.

A.S.M.E code heat exchanger expertise

We have built thousands of vessels in wide varieties in the over 40 years we have been in business. We are used to a high level of inspection and we have a thorough QA program. We consider ourselves to be much more than a manufacturer, because we offer a variety of services. We can provide installation of instrumentation and electrical components, insulation, structural supports and more. We offer engineering design and detailing, and we will prepare your equipment for shipping.

A.S.M.E code heat exchanger industries

We have the experience to understand the unique industry requirements and client specifications for a variety of sectors. Some industries we are used to serving include extraction and refining of oil and gas, water treatment, food processing, pharmaceutical, petrochemicals and specialty chemicals.  Our experience gives us the expertise to build A.S.M.E code heat exchangers for your specific application.

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