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Pressure Transducers: Differential, Compound, Barometric, and More

A broad selection of pressure transducers are available from Alpha Controls & Instrumentation. One of the key lines that Alpha carries is Setra Systems, a leading designer and manufacturer of pressure transducers.

Product Features

We carry an extensive variety of Setra's pressure transducers, including absolute, barometric, compound, differential, gauge, submersible, and vacuum. Below is a sample of our range of transducers.

Differential- Model 264

Setra's 264 is the "standard" for low differential pressure measurement in HVAC building automation, high accuracy pharmaceutical and healthcare facilities. It has also been the consistent and trusted HVAC sensor for over two decades.  It uses a dead-ended stainless steel welded capacitive sensing element that requires minimal amplification and delivers excellent accuracy and stability in critical installations. 

Barometric- Model 278

The high accuracy pressure transducer model 278 is ideal for measuring barometric pressure for remote environmental applications. The small footprint and removable terminal block makes installation fast and easy. This unit also offers exceptional long-term stability of better than 0.1 mb per year. The 278 is ideal for solar powered applications because of its low power consumption and sleep mode feature.

Compound/Vacuum - Model 209

The Model 209 pressure sensor is designed for Industrial and OEM customers who require high performance, reliability and versatility at an affordable price.  It offers exceptional ±0.25% FS accuracy with pressure ranges from 1 PSI up to 10,000 PSI to meet a multitude of demanding applications.  The 209 features all stainless steel wetted materials as well as many pressure and electrical connections to satisfy challenging installation requirements.  

Transducer Expertise

As an industry leader for over 35 years, you can count on Alpha to provide exceptional technical service as well as product & application knowledge. Alpha also offers in-house and onsite calibration services. We are proud to be an ISO 9001 registered company and our calibration lab is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 by A2LA. We would be pleased to discuss your instrumentation needs in further detail, or provide an online quote


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