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At All Custom Gasket & Materials Ltd. we have a variety of sponges. Our various foam materials are available in sheets, stripping, rods or gaskets. Some have adhesive backing. A wide range of industries use our gaskets, ranging from oil and gas, to pulp and paper, food and beverage and aerospace and aviation. Our products have also been used by the military and department of defence. We have more than 100 years of experience. We can meet your needs at competitive prices. We are also able to custom-make products to your needs.

Product lines

We have both closed cell and open cell sponges. Our closed cell sponges don’t absorb fluids or moisture. They are between 1/16-inch thick to four inches thick. Our ethafoam sponges are closed cell. They are energy absorbent and resilient. They are lightweight and resistant to moisture and chemicals. They are good shock absorbers. Our crosslink polyethylene foam is fine celled and smooth skinned. We also have low density urethane foam. It comes in sheets, stripping gaskets, rolls and convoluted foam sets. We also have sponges made from poron, a flexible and high density microcellular urethane foam. Low compression properties make it durable and long-lasting.

We also have open cell sponges. This soft foam comes in soft, medium and firm densities.

Industries served                     

All Custom Gasket & Materials makes products for various industries including: pulp and paper, chemical applications, refineries, and oil and gas. Some of our products are certified for use in the food and beverage industry. Our sponges make excellent insulators and are often used in the construction, automotive, heating and vacuuming and industrial markets. Our open cell sponge makes excellent packaging.  

Some products are certified for use in the military, food and beverage and aerospace industries.

Manufacturing process

Our sponges come in various thicknesses. We can custom-make products to meet your needs.

Our company provides a variety of services, including die cutting and shearing, slitting and shearing materials. We also do water cutting, jet cutting and laser cutting. We are specialists in creating asbestos-free materials.


All Custom Gasket & Materials Ltd.
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