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Rubber Products

At All Custom Gasket & Materials Ltd. we make gaskets from various kinds of rubber. Our products are used in industries ranging from oil and gas, to pulp and paper, food and beverage and aerospace and aviation. Our products have also been used by the military and department of defence. We have more than 100 years of experience, and are able to meet your needs at a competitive price. We are also able to custom-make products to your needs. Product lines We use more than a dozen types of rubber. Some of our products are made from synthetic materials. Our Natural Rubber (NR) Pure Gum Amber is made from tropical plants. Our Silicone Rubber (SI) is resistant to fungus. The urethane sheets are stronger, tougher and more versatile than conventional elastics and plastics. It is also resistant to ammonia. It can be as thick as one inch, but we can make it thicker to meet your needs. The C. I. Rubber, a polyester reinforced SBR sheet, is also available in a neoprene-nylon diaphragm sheet. Our rubbers can withstand extreme temperatures, ranging from -60°F to more than 600°F. Our rubbers are also resistant to strong chemicals, fuels, acids and alkalis. Industries served All Custom Gasket & Materials makes products for a wide range of industries. Some of our rubbers are certified for use in the food and beverage industry. These are typically white rubbers. We also have rubbers certified for use with potable water. These are useful in waste water treatment plants. Our products are also used in pulp and paper, chemical applications, transportation, and oil and gas. Our ribbed rubber matting is used in runner mats, switchboard matting, link mats and ant-fatigue mats. We are certified to work with the military and aerospace industries. Manufacturing process Our rubber products come in a variety of colours and thicknesses. We use a variety of synthetic and natural materials. We can custom make products to meet your needs.


All Custom Gasket & Materials Ltd.
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