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Threaded Rods

We provide a wide selection of threaded rods and can supply the perfect solution for your needs. Our rods are made of materials ranging from high strength steel to nylon. We can supply lengths up to 144 inches, and a wide variety of diameters and thread counts. We always have a large stock of items on hand so we can quickly process your order. Our website makes it simple to find exactly what you’re looking for, because we list detailed information on all our standard products. We are also able to supply many custom items, so contact us to see what we can do for you.

Threaded rods

Our rods are available in low carbon steel, A-193 steel, 18-8 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and nylon 6/6. Our sizes of threaded rod range up 2-1/2 inch diameters, up to 144” in length. They have thread counts ranging from 4 to 28 threads per inch. Our aluminum rods come in 36” lengths, up to 3/4 diameters. Brass rod is available up to 1 inch diameter, in lengths of 36”. We stock nylon rods up to 1 inch diameters, and all of them are 24 inches in length. 

Here is a list of dimensions we offer for 18-8 stainless steel rods.

2/56 X 36

5/16-18 X 36 1/2-13 X 72 1-8 X 36
4/40 X 36 5/16-18 X 72 1/2-20 X 36 1-8 X 72
6/32 X 36 5/16-24 X 36 5/8-11 X 36 1-1/8-7 X 36
8/32 X 36 3/8-16 X 36 5/8-11 X 72 1-1/8-7 X 72
10/24 X 36 3/8-16 X 72 5/8-18 X 36 1-1/4-7 X 36
10/32 X 36 3/8-24 X 36 3/4-10 X 36 1-1/4-7 X 72
1/4-20 X 36 7/16-14 X 36 3/4-10 X 72 1-1/2-6 X 36
1/4-20 X 72 7/16-20 X 36 7/8-9 X 36 1-1/2-6 X 72
1/4-28 X 36 1/2-13 X 36 7/8-9 X 72  


Visit our website for more detailed specifications on all our types of threaded rod. We can also supply metric sizes, left handed thread, or standard B7 studs

Threaded rod expertise

Advance Fasteners Ltd has been in the industry since 1984. Our experience provides us with the know-how to find the best products for you. That’s essential because there are so many different varieties of fasteners on the market that finding the right solution can be a challenge.  Let us make it quick and easy.

Threaded rod industries

Our threaded rod is used in applications ranging from construction and manufacturing to automotive and marine. The variety of customers we have experience serving means we have the ability to supply fasteners for your specific needs.







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