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Metric Fasteners

We can supply metric sizes of many types of fasteners.  We stock everything from bolts, screws and rivets to grommets, retaining rings, and spacers. Our website is designed to provide you all the information you could need about our inventory, but we also provide custom solutions for special applications. So get in touch with us if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for. Advance Fasteners Ltd is renowned in the industry for our high quality products, helpful customer service, and fair pricing. Our selection of products is always growing, and our goal is to offer everything you could want from your primary supplier of fasteners.

Metric Fasteners

Our products are available in steel grades including A-193, 316, and 18-8. We can also supply parts made of aluminum, brass, copper, and nylon. We offer finishes including zinc plated, nickel plated, heat treated, and hardened. Here is a listing of some of the types of fasteners we can supply.

Bolt types: hex, square, locking, carriage, elevator, step, plow, scraper blade, structural, anchor, eye, hook.

Pin types: spring, cotter, clevis, taper, bed, hitch, lynch, escutcheon.

Rivet types: round head, oval head, flat head, truss head, universal head, countersunk, tubular, tinner, blind.

Screw types: SEMS, machine, wood, tapping, drive, drywall, decking, floorboard, concrete, roofing, thumb.

Nut types: square, wing, hex, nylon insert, locking, flange, weld.

We also offer retaining rings, studs, threaded rod, washers, grommets, clips, trim, and electronic hardware such as spacers and standoffs.

Metric fastener industries

The fasteners we provide are used in industrial applications ranging from HVAC and construction to electrical and commercial product manufacturing. Our selection of fasteners is so comprehensive we have the products to meet your specific application, whatever it may be.

Metric fastener expertise

We have been in the industry since 1984. We have earned a reputation for understanding the specific requirements for various fastening applications, and we are always available to provide assistance.  Call us or visit the Advance Fasteners Ltd website and we’ll be happy to help you.

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