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Masonry Fasteners

We offer masonry fasteners for all types of materials and applications. When you’re working on your walls, you need anchors that will function well with the material at hand. If they don’t, your time and money are wasted. From brick to block, stone to concrete, Advanced Fasteners Ltd.’s wide supply of anchors that work in both solid and hollow materials. We pride ourselves on the convenience and excellence of our customer service, and our website and custom crafting service make it easy and inexpensive for you to get the job done right.

Anchors designed for solid and hollow materials available:

Our product line consists of anchors for both solid and hollow materials. The former offer a wide variety of anchors to suit your needs while the latter are simple and designed for easy usage.

Our anchors for solid materials are made of steel, lead, zinc alloy, polyethylene and nylon, depending on the model. The line consists of stud bolt, sleeve bolt, machine screw, hammer drive and regular screw anchors. Each model’s application differs, allowing for a wide selection. Our stud bolt and hammer drive anchors work best in stone and concrete, while our sleeve bolt and machine screw anchors also perform well in block and brick. Each model comes in a myriad of different styles to suit your needs. We also stock concrete screws and their drill bits, which work well in concrete, bricks and blocks.

We also carry 13 different hollow wall anchors for use in drywall. These products range from walldrillers, many of which are mastered easily and don’t need a drill, to spring toggle bolts with truss and round heads. We also carry assembled steel anchors with pan, hex and flat heads.

Diverse applications:

Our selection of masonry products allow you to work easily on a wide variety of materials. Our stock can be used for decorative purposes (e.g. installing picture hooks), as well as for more in-depth masonry projects.

Convenience and custom ordering:

Advance Fasteners Ltd. has continued to prove our dedication and knowledge to our customers since 1984. Their wide selection allows them to cater to many of our clients’ needs. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our newly redesigned website, we can also custom-make your order for you.

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