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Electronic Fasteners

We offer electronic fasteners that help space and stabilize your work. Our line of self-clinching fasteners can be installed easily into a wide-variety of metals. In addition to offering greater stability and integration than washers, they cut out extraneous parts and unneeded construction time, making your products more efficient. Our spacers, meanwhile, help maintain the right distance between your components, allowing your products to operate more effectively.

Stock includes

Our line of electronic fastening products includes self-clinching nuts and studs, spacers and standoffs.

Self-clinching nuts work by undergoing pressure on their heads when pressed into metal. This causes the metal to cold flow around the nut, creating permanent structural integration with the metal. Our line of nuts is easy and inexpensive to install, works in a wider variety of steel and is environmentally friendly. Each of our self-clinching products are made of steel. We also offer zinc-plated options on our self-clinching nuts and studs.

We carry 16 different varieties of round and hex spacers in three different materials. Spacers ensure that materials occupy the right space in relation to one another. Our line includes nylon, stainless steel and aluminum spacers to better serve your needs.


Each of our products can be used in a wide variety of industries. Self-clinching nuts provide wonderful structural support for any metal and can be used in metal-working, construction and more.

Spacers, meanwhile, can be used in electronic manufacturing, machine work, door installation and more. Each of our products have a diverse range of uses that make them a valuable purchase for your business.


Advance Fasteners Ltd. has sold a wide array of fastening products for over 30 years. We cater to our customers’ needs and are proud of our service track record. We have recently redesigned our website to ensure easier customer service and navigation. This change will allow our customers to find our products anytime, anywhere.


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