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Bolts & Nuts

Bolts and nuts of all types are available promptly and at an affordable cost from this growing supplier of fastening products.  Finding and ordering the exact items you require is easy through our convenient website that contains all the information you could need. We have a commitment to providing superior customer service, drawing on our years of experience and product knowledge. Since 1984 we have been building our reputation for quality in our fasteners, our fast and efficient service, and our fair prices.

Bolts and nuts from Advance Fasteners

We carry a huge stock of all types of nuts and bolts including hex cap screws, hex flange locking bolts, hex flange bolts, hex flange (frame) bolts, carriage bolts, hex lag screws, square head set screws, flat slotted cap screws, elevator bolts, step bolts, plow bolts, scraper blade bolts, and heavy hex structural bolts. The majority of our bolts are available in both American Standard and metric sizes, both in steel or non-ferrous alloys. All our bolts are available in many dimensions with lengths ranging all the way up to 18 inches. We have T-nut types including prong style, weld style, propell, trailer and pallet. 

The steels used for our products include grade 2 steel, grade 5 steel, grade 8 steel, low carbon steel and grade A-325 type 1 steel. Many of them are available with options including heat treated, galvanized or case-hardened. They can be plated with zinc, gold zinc or black phosphate. If you need extra corrosion resistance, our non-ferrous options include various stainless steel alloys, brass, silicon bronze, naval bronze, monel, aluminum and nylon type 6/6.

Industries that use our nuts and bolts

Our fasteners get used in a wide of industries and applications. They are used in the manufacturing of commercial and industrial products, in specialized machinery, and construction. Some applications include steel and wood framing, electrical and HVAC systems. We have experience serving clients from many industries ranging from automotive to medical, and we’re able to supply the perfect fasteners for all those varied applications.

Our bolt and nut expertise

Choosing the right fastener for the job is very important, because correcting mistakes can be time consuming and costly. We will make your job go as efficient as possible, by drawing on our experience to find the right fasteners for you.

Bolt and nut manufacturers

We have found manufacturers around the world that can produce high quality fastening products for the best prices. That’s why we’re able to offer such reasonable prices. We use some local Canadian and American manufacturers. We also import some products from India, China and Taiwan, to name a just few.

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