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Water Based Adhesives

Adheco Ltd. is the ideal source for water based adhesives. Top manufacturers of adhesives have been developing these solutions for many decades, and have proven the advantages. The technology has now reached the point where water based options are available that can replace traditional solvent adhesives with equal or better production speed and bonding performance. We offer a range of water based adhesives with features including very strong initial tack, heat-activation, excellent final bond strength to various substrates, and the ability to immediately bond to non-porous materials such as plastics.

Water based adhesives

The water based adhesives available include one or two component varieties for applications such as foam fabricating and the manufacturing of furniture, flooring, wall panels and partitions.

Water based adhesives from Adheco offer a number of advantages when compared to solvent-based products. Firstly, they eliminate the handling of toxic or flammable materials, which results in a safer workplace with lower insurance and energy costs.

Secondly, water based adhesives feature higher solids than solvent-based options. This provides better and more cost effective coverage, allowing for faster production, less waste, lower inventory requirements, and reduced disposal costs. These benefits contribute to improving the bottom-line while also benefiting plant staff and the environment.

Company expertise

Since 1983, Adheco Ltd. has been providing high quality adhesives. In addition to a wide selection of adhesives, tapes, and fasteners, we can also supply dispensing equipment such as pump systems, spray drum systems, and various dispensing guns. Our professionals have technical expertise and years of experience so they can work with customers to find the best solutions.

Renowned suppliers

Our water based adhesives are supplied by leading companies including 3M and SABA. By maintaining excellent relationships with our world-class suppliers, we ensure our customers get the best products on the market with reliable support.

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