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Spray Equipment

We carry spray equipment designed to provide even and effective adhesive coats. Poor equipment means long waits for your material to dry, as well as the potential need for reapplication. Adheco Ltd.’s variety of spray accessories can help eliminate material waste. They deliver even and regulated spraying, which means less recoating and more productivity. We provide a wide range of products that can better suit our equipment to your needs, such as spray tips, hoses and more.

Wide variety of hoses, applicators and more

We offer spray accessories from companies such as 3M and Saba. With products ranging from tanks to spray guns, we are sure to carry the products you need for your paint applications.      3M’s Cylinder Adhesive Applicator uses a versatile design to work with most of the company’s spray products. It provides even coats that dry quickly, allowing for maximum productivity while minimizing touch-ups. It also comes in different sizes and features a locking mechanism that prevents paint leakage or excess spray. We also carry the adhesive applicator in a reduced output model for finer spraying work, as well as a high output model for more intense applications.     In addition to 3M’s adhesive applicators, we carry spray tips designed to control the flow of paint from the applicator. The 9501 tip that comes with the standard adhesive applicator and the 9501 tip is designed to spray outwards from between four and 12 inches in width, while the 6501 works with between four to eight inches. We also offer nylon hoses that can be attached to spray tanks and guns and works in a variety of applications.     We also carry a range of SABA spray application equipment. Their 3802 model uses up to 25 Dux spray guns to deliver consistent spraying and prevent loss of adhesive into the air. The Aquabond 2801 also uses a spray gun and pump to administer water-based adhesives evenly.

Uses across industries

Our products can be used in a wide variety of industries, including transportation, construction, electronics and more.

About us

Based in Toronto, we’ve been distributing high-quality adhesive products for over 30 years. Our high standard for product quality and customer service ensure that we can help you find the right product for your business.

We represent the following manufacturers


With products sold in over 200 countries, 3M has developed a worldwide reputation for quality adhesive products.


With 75 years’ experience in manufacturing adhesives and sealants, SABA has become renowned for its quality products.

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