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Masking Tape

We carry masking tape options that provide unprecedented adhesion and strength. Masking tape is useful in a wide variety of situations, but you need to know that your tape will work well for your job. You want a tape that tears cleanly off the roll, one that keeps sticking and doesn’t peel as a result of dirt or high temperatures. At Adheco Ltd., we carry tape that will ensure these desires are met. Our tape stands up to heat, peeling and paint bleed, ensuring that whether you’re doing industrial paint work or just holding paper together, our products will work for you.

Tapes suit high temperatures, different functions

We offer 3M’s line of highly functional industrial tapes. With five different options to choose from, their products represent a high-performance solution for your adhesive needs.     3M’s Value Masking Tape 101+ uses a rubber adhesive to cling to numerous surfaces including metal, paper, glass and more. With a tearable crepe paper backing that can be written on, it represents a cost-effective yet durable option for indoor uses. Their General Use Masking Tape 201+ features similar versatility and tearability, but works in higher tempeartures and on surfaces like fiberboard. If you’re looking for industrial painting tape, look no further than the 3M Performance Yellow Masking Tape 301+, which features an adhesive that’s designed to create clean lines upon removal and keep paint from bleeding through onto your surfaces.The High Performance Green Masking Tape 401+ serves a similar function, but still works at temperatures of 121 degrees Celsius. The sturdiest of all our masking tapes, the 3M High Temperature Masking Tape 501+, offers each of the quality and performance of its predecessors, but can withstand heat up to 149 degrees Celsius.

Used in numerous industries

Masking tape is a highly functional adhesive tool in many industries, including construction, retail, warehouses and more. Our 301+ to 501+ masking tapes are also ideal for paint-baking operations, as they can withstand higher temperatures than value and general use masking tape.

About us

Since 1983, we have worked to provide industrial companies with the best adhesive supplies available. When you shop with Adheco Ltd., you will receive excellent, knowledgeable customer service for your investment.

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A world leader in innovative supplies, 3M has made its presence felt in over 200 countries around the world. Each 3M product reflects the dedication and progress that only a company with over 110 years of history can provide.

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