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Latex Base Adhesives

For over thirty years, Adheco Ltd. has supplied adhesives, pressure-sensitive tape and abrasives. Our strong relationships with our manufacturers ensure that our customers never lack product or repair support, and we are committed to providing cost-effective adhesion solutions as soon as you need them. Our knowledgeable and experienced team receive ongoing training, and we take pride in ISO 9001:2008-registered Toronto facility that is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. We also offer value-added services including custom tape slitting and converting, and bond testing in our laboratory.

Latex Adhesives Product Line

We supply numerous latex-based adhesive products.

  • Dural’s Premium Latex Construction Adhesive suits a wide variety of applications, including heavy-duty construction, sub-floor assembly, and installation of foam insulation. It bonds to many porous surfaces including drywall and wood, but not to non-porous substrates such as metal and plastic.
  • A water-based adhesive, Dura Pro’s Latex Contact Cement bonds decorative laminates, foam and fabrics to wood, plywood and particle board. It features high shear and peel strength, good contractibility under low pressure, and is lower in toxicity than solvent-based contact cement.
  • Dura Pro’s Foamboard Adhesive is a latex-based adhesive designed to install polystyrene and polyutherane insulation panels to concrete, gypsum or wood interior walls. VOC-compliant and gap filling, it does not damage boards and is high grab.
  • Dura Pro’s latex-based Natural Wood Parquet Adhesive is designed for direct glue-down of mosaic parquet onto floor-grade plywood or cured concrete. Non-flammable and VOC-compliant, it provides excellent adhesion, and is EcoLogo-certified.

Latex Adhesives Industrial Applications

We serve a wide variety of market sectors, including the metalworking, woodworking and manufacturing industries.

Latex Adhesives Manufacturers

Dura Pro is Dural Inc.’s new line of glues and adhesives. With 15 plants and warehouses around the world and over sixty years of experience, Dural has become a global leader in the adhesives and coating industry. Their products are manufactured under ISO 9001:2008 conditions, and are all environmentally friendly.

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