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Duct Sealing Tape

Duct sealing tapes of many varieties are available from Adheco Ltd. We supply tapes made by leading companies such as 3M and Shurtape Technologies, LLC. These products are built provide a reliable seal, and include options suitable for either rough or smooth surfaces and quick fixes or long term solutions. We offer a wide variety of cloth duct tapes, as well as foil tapes that offer dependable bonding in extreme temperatures or highly humid environments.  We are known for offering very competitive pricing, and in addition we have many promotions that help our customers find even more savings.

Duct sealing tape

Our selection of duct tape includes multi-purpose, heavy duty, extra heavy duty, vinyl, cloth, polyethylene, and many other types.

The foil tape we supply from Shurtape Technologies uses an acrylic-based adhesive backed with 2 mil dead soft aluminum foil. This contractor grade tape is tested in accordance with UL 723, is suitable for use in cold temperatures, and ideal for sealing metal ductwork.

The extra heavy duty duct tape we supply from 3M provides exceptional resistance to abrasion and industrial strength yet is easy to tear so it is convenient to use. It features a strong rubber adhesive that offers clean removal and has wear resistant polyethylene backing. It will resist moisture and is easy to handle.

Duct sealing tape expertise

Adheco Ltd. has been in business for over 30 years, and we have never strayed from our original mandate -- to provide the industrial market with adhesives, tapes, and abrasives of the highest quality. To achieve that goal, we have partnered with the industry's best suppliers including 3M, Scapa, Dural, Henkel/Loctite, and more.

Duct sealing tape industries

The foil tapes we supply for ductwork are used by contractors and professionals in many industries and applications. In addition, our general purpose duct tapes are used for everything from securing trip hazards to bundling rebar and pipes. 

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