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Double Coated Tape

Equally committed to experience and innovation, Adheco Ltd. distributes a wide variety of double coated and other tapes, adhesives and abrasives. We are committed to providing customers with innovative yet competitively priced solutions, and guarantee accurate orders delivered on time. Our ISO 9001:2008-registered Toronto facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, and our skilled production team can provide custom tape converting and slitting. We also offer laboratory tests, including bond testing for accelerated aging, and peel, shear and tensile testing of specific components.

Double Coated Tape Product Line

We supply double coated tape made by trustworthy manufacturers across the globe.

  • 3M manufactures over 250 models of double-coated tape, many of which are available in custom sizes. With high strength, exceptional adhesion and quick stick properties, many tapes bond well to both high- and low-energy materials, and they do not break easily during die cutting and dispensing processes.
  • Shurtape manufactures double coated film, cloth and paper tapes, as well as transfer adhesive tapes. Offering good durability and tensile strength, these tapes adhere to a wide variety of materials.
  • Scapa’s range of double coated tape includes products with solvent and hot melt rubber-based adhesives, water and solvent-based acrylic adhesives, and high-performance silicone-based adhesives. They can also produce specific technical tapes.

Double Coated Tape Industrial Applications

Customers working in numerous industries, including the aerospace, automotive, electronics, metalworking, solar, painting and transportation sectors, benefit from our double-coated tape.

Double Coated Tape Manufacturers

Originally formed in 1927 as a dryer manufacturer, Scapa has been manufacturing tapes for almost thirty years. With ISO-registered factories and warehouses across Europe, Asia and North America, Scapa takes pride in their global reach and innovative product initiatives.

Dedicated to exceeding customer expectations and attending to every detail, Shurtape has almost sixty years of industry experience. They offer top-quality products, on-time delivery, and a commitment to constant improvement.

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