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Adhesive Sprayers

Adheco Ltd. can provide a broad selection of adhesive sprayers. We offer several types of dispensing guns as well as delivery systems. Our guns offer features including light weight, simple operation, and maximum transfer efficiency resulting in both adhesive savings and a cleaner and safer workplace. Our pump and delivery systems offer key benefits such as consistent adhesive flow and fast drum or tote changes. These systems can be used to spray water based adhesives that make ideal replacements for toxic and flammable solvent-based products. To provide customers with the best products available, we work with renowned suppliers such as Saba, 3M, Dotco, Dural, and more.

Adhesive sprayers

Our selection includes a range of dispensing guns such as:

  • The Saga Green Gun which features zero overspray
  • The Saba Ez-Mix-Gun for two-component adhesives
  • The Saba Dux Gun for one-component adhesives
  • The Binks 95PCXT Gun for two-component adhesives

Also available is a variety of delivery systems including:

The Saba Plug 'n Spray system is an easy-to use solution that features minimal set-up requirements, and a compact and mobile design. All that's required is an air connection, so users can simply plug in the system and start spraying.

The Adheco Easy Spray Drum System eliminates the need for pressure pots or pumps, as the drum is safely pressurized so adhesive can be dispensed directly from the drum. It offers advantages including low maintenance, fast and easy drum changes, and precise pressure control to ensure adhesive flow is consistent.

The Saba Access System is designed to prevent adhesive waste due to overspray or system inefficiencies. It is a pressurized system that can provide a constant flow rate that is not affected by the amount of adhesive in the tote. It can feed up to 25 spray guns from a single tote, and features no down time when changing the tote. It is web-enabled for data access, and features an intuitive touch screen interface and inventory management tool.

Company expertise

Adheco Ltd. has been dedicated to providing the industrial market with high quality adhesives, tapes, and abrasives since our founding in 1983. We maintain the largest stock of these products in the GTA, and we also provide added value services including tape slitting and converting.

Industries served

The water-based adhesives and spraying systems we offer are versatile so they can be used for a variety of applications. Some typically uses include foam fabricating, furniture, flooring, desks, tables, countertops, wall panels and partitions.

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