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Servicing manufacturing industry - vacuum heat treatment, carburizing, carbonitriding, solution annealing, precipitation aging, normalizing, stress relieving, cryogenics, mettalurgical laboratory services. Also, TD Vanadium carbide coating for the stamping industry, gas nitriding reaching depths of 0.025 inches, PlasmaNit & OxyCoat. Vacuum hardening & tempering facilities & mettalugrical laboratory services. Provide world class leadership in surface engineering.

Year established: 1994

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heat treating furnace at A&M Heat Treating

Heat Treating Service

We provide superior heat treating service because we are equipped with several high tech furnaces with large chambers to handle a variety of part sizes and shapes. Our prices are very competitive and we offer quick turnaround times due to the large capacity of our equipment. We specialize in vacuum heat treatment to provide improved strength, hardness, corrosion resistance and other qualities needed for metal parts used in demanding manufacturing applications.  Our processes help our customers improve their productivity and the lifespan of their parts. Heat treating service We can heat trea...

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Industrial parts treated with TD Vanadium Carbide by A&M SurfTech

T.D. Vanadium Carbide Ceramic Coatings

We provide the best T.D. vanadium carbide coating to lengthen the lifespan, lower the requirements for lubrication and reduce the maintenance needed for dies and other heavy duty industrial parts. Our one-of-a-kind process uses a fused salt bath at up to 1900 degrees Fahrenheit. The result is components that are much less susceptible to seizer, wear, corrosion and galling—saving you money and downtime. We are able to process your parts quickly and we offer affordable rates because our equipment has large capacities.  Our processes will help improve the productivity of your parts and make th...

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Carbonitriding gears


Since 1994, A&M Heat Treating Ltd remains a leading provider of vacuum heat-treating services. You can rely on us to deliver top productivity and performance in specialized carbonitriding service.  We are heating experts with the right surface engineering technologies to effectively heat a variety of metals for specific products such as various gears and shafts, rollers and bearings, pistons, and levers, to name just a few. Products with hydraulic and actuated systems of mechanical and pneumatic properties are best served with the carbonitriding process. A variety of industries served A&M H...

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Vacuum carburizing processing parts

Carburizing Service

When you want your productivity and performance to heat up to new profit heights look to A&M Heat Treating Ltd for your entire materials surface heating needs. A&M's carburizing process adds carbon to the surface of steel to harden the metal effectively for long lasting results that will stand the test of time and pressure loads. Adding carbon to the surface heats the metallic surface below its melting point in contact with carbonaceous solids, liquids, or gases forming. High gas composition for top quality treatment low-carbon work pieces are required during the process. The hardness produ...

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Cryogenic steel wheel

Cryogenic Treating

A&M Heat Treating Ltd is a leading provider of metal heat processing services for all types of metals and alloys to serve a wide variety of applications. Expect top-notch cryogenic treating of metallic work pieces to improve wear resistance and residual stresses. Such stresses are often left behind from decades of use causing electrical resistance, reduced coefficient of friction, bumps, cracks, scratches, and corrosion. Treatment of this type of damage is essential to maintain performance, toughness, conductivity, and to ensure a longer product service life. Serving numerous applications a...

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Normalizing heat treatment processing machinery

Normalizing Service

A&M Heat Treating Ltd will crank the heat up to increase productivity for your business with our normalizing treatment service of parts and components. Our specialized normalization will ensure durability, long product life, and cost-efficiency. Since 1994, we have made a trusted name for ourselves as a leader in effective surface engineering technologies that improve productivity and performance for our customers. Industries served with strong parts and components Normalized heat treatment is employed to improve product performance for a wide range of industries such as defense, automotive...

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6 bar capacity vacuum heat treating furnace.

Vacuum Heat Treating

We can perform vacuum heat treating of exceptional quality because we use top-of the line equipment. Our furnaces are capable of treating parts of various shapes and sizes while maintaining consistent results. Many of our furnaces use sophisticated computer controls that ensure our heat treatments always meet exact specifications. Our services will save you money by improving the performance and increasing the life of your most important parts and tools. We will make your parts harder, stronger, and more resistant to corrosion. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help your bu...

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To provide world class-class leadership in surface engineering and to help our customers improve their productivity and proformance through surface engineering technologies.

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We are 100% committed to supplying consistent quality products for our customers processes.

Areas of Expertise

  • Vacuum Heat Treatment

  • Carburzing

  • Carbonitriding

  • Solution Annealing

  • Salt

  • Precipitation Aging

  • Normalizing

  • Stress Relieving

  • Cryogenics

  • Metallurgical Laboratory Service

  • Vanadium Thermal Coatings


  • Mr R Russo
    General Manager

  • Mr M Hasnat


  • ISO 9001

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