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  • Manufacturer

    Exair Corporation
    Cincinnati, Ohio

    Exair's compressed air products are designed to improve the overall efficiency of your operations. Intelligent Compressed Air, products include Super Air Knife, Super Air Amplifier & Super Air Nozzles. Air Knives create a quiet, hard-hitting curtain of air for blowoff, cleaning, drying, more! Air Amplifiers vent, exhaust, cool, and clean. Air Nozzles reduce noise levels/air costs. Products are available to cool, dry, clean, convey & control static - including Vacuum Generators, Line Vacs, Atomizing Spray Nozzles, Ind. Housekeeping Products, Cabinet Cooler Systems, Vortex Tubes, and more!

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  • Manufacturer Services

    Buhler (Canada) Inc.
    Markham, Ontario

    Equipment systems for the foods & non-foods industry. Complete design, supply and installation of SSP (solid state polycondensation) plants for PET & polyamides.

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  • Distributor Services

    La Compagnie Climax Ltee
    Kirkland, Québec

    Serving Industry Since 1921, Our Product Expertise Includes Lubrication Systems And Equipment, Hydraulic And Industrial Hose, Cleaning systems And Instrumentation Products

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  • Manufacturer

    Molson Breweries
    Vancouver, British Columbia


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  • Distributor Manufacturer

    Freeze Co Systems Ltd
    Brampton, Ontario

    Designers & Manufacturers Of Industrial Process Cooling Equipment. Custom Designed Central Chilling Systems, Individual Chillers In Capacities From 1 To 400 Tons, Compact Chillers Providing Additional Capacity To Existing Systems And Portable Air Or Water Cooled Chillers For All Applications.

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  • Distributor

    Peckover Manufacturing Division
    Brampton, Ontario

    Specializing In Materials & Replacement Parts For The Electrical, Packaging & Food Processing Industries, Authorized Distributor For Insulating Materials With Complete In-House Fabrication Capabilities

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  • Manufacturer

    Lechler Inc.
    St Charles, Illinois

    World Leader In Spray Nozzles For A Variety Of Industries Including Primary Metals, Chemicals, Pollution Control, Food/Beverage, Electronics, Pharmaceutical & Many Other Industries

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