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Matritech uses the latest engineering software.

Matritech offers customers expert engineering services
Wed Oct 14 23:06:57 EDT 2015 by Matritech Inc.

Infrared heaters are a type of heating solution used in a wide range of industries from automotive to transportation.

Infrared heat: the overlooked ingredient to make good food look even better
Fri Sep 05 21:21:35 EDT 2014 by Heraeus Noblelight

Footswitches operate welding machinery and also act as a “dead’s man switch” safeguarding the operator from potential accident or injury if distracted.

Get off on the right foot with industrial foot switches
Fri Sep 05 20:48:36 EDT 2014 by Linemaster Switch Corp.

A photoelectric sensor is a device that detects objects, recognizes colours or counts components.

Photoelectric sensors: benefits and best practices you can use now
Wed Sep 03 20:52:35 EDT 2014 by Baumer Inc.

Granny flats are self-contained units acting as an extension of a main residence, which typically shares a common backyard or back patio.

Granny Flats: what to do when the in-laws want to move in with you
Wed Sep 03 19:59:58 EDT 2014 by Canadian Portable Structures (1992) Ltd

The main significant advantage of installing a hose reel for industrial applications is improved efficiency of the operator.

Why hose reels are not just for the welding industry anymore
Thu Aug 28 16:14:04 EDT 2014 by Reelcraft Industries Inc

Advanced ceramics is a technologically innovative method to develop ceramic products using materials and substances with distinctively exceptional chemical and physical properties.

Why advanced ceramics isn’t what you think it is
Thu Aug 28 14:40:41 EDT 2014 by Astro Met Inc

A pinch valve comprises of a body, tube and sleeve designed to control or restrict the flow of fluids or granular materials.

Pinch valve info in a cinch
Thu Aug 28 12:42:54 EDT 2014 by ASCO Numatics - Div. of Emerson Electric

Plug into the basics of four common kinds of plastic plugs that put a stop to leaks, corrosion, dust or unwanted particles inside your industrial application.

Plug and play: find the right plastic plug for your application type
Thu Aug 28 11:21:03 EDT 2014 by Polymer Molding Inc.

Officially known as ASTM-A463, aluminized steel combines the strength of steel with the rust protection bonus of aluminum.

The five best traits of aluminized steel
Thu Aug 28 10:04:12 EDT 2014 by Block Steel Corp

Top-Flo™ is one top of the line manufacturer when it comes to industry grade hygienic filters and strainers.

How hygienic filters and strainers provide a particle-free work zone
Wed Aug 27 19:35:19 EDT 2014 by York Fluid Controls Ltd

Your feet stand, walk, run, jump, skip, stroll and kick. Feet do so many nice things for us, why not do something nice for them by investing in a comfy pair of insoles?

Fun facts about felt liners, wool insoles and feet all rolled into one
Wed Aug 27 15:49:32 EDT 2014 by Brand Felt of Canada Ltd.

Mass-produced industrial ovens are good. But customized industrial ovens are even better.

Why you should transition from a conventional industrial oven to a customized one
Wed Aug 27 15:15:52 EDT 2014 by Eastman Manufacturing Inc.

Steam traps are types of automated, self-contained valves holding steam in while filtering out air or other non-condensable gases.

Two reasons why most steam traps fail
Wed Aug 27 14:50:33 EDT 2014 by Keystone Steam Supplies

Since its creation more than 70 years, mist eliminators aim to reduce harmful inhalation and emission of contaminates inside industrial or manufacturing systems.

Two signs your mist eliminator and business' bottom line are out of sync
Tue Aug 26 15:54:27 EDT 2014 by Aeroex Technologies Inc.

Foam is a practical material for many manufacturers who use it for a multitude of industrial applications.

The best three foam types to bring to any foam party
Tue Aug 26 14:47:40 EDT 2014 by All Custom Gasket & Materials Ltd.

Unlike the tower cranes towering over soon-to-be condo zones inside construction sites, overhead cranes instead lift, raise and move objects horizontally.

Your top 10 questions answered about overhead crane systems
Tue Aug 26 13:29:17 EDT 2014 by Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc. - o/a Mentor Dynamics

Constructed with wide range of materials, bellows are economically efficient protective solutions.

What makes for a really good bellow?
Tue Aug 26 11:59:19 EDT 2014 by Shaver Industries Inc.

Vertical Storage Carousels is one of the many automated storage and delivery system solutions used for all types of industrial material handling equipment applications.

Do more material handling applications in less time with vertical storage carousels
Mon Aug 25 18:29:34 EDT 2014 by McKessock Conveyor Solutions Limited

Fiberglass is a woven, reinforced material manufactured into everyday commercial fiberglass products, including flooring, panels and storage bins.

Two steps for putting fiberglass lamination into action
Mon Aug 25 17:27:48 EDT 2014 by Precisioneering Ltd

Proper refrigeration and temperature of food products is vital to ensure preservation of taste, freshness and safety.

Master mechanical refrigeration cycle basics in five simple steps
Mon Aug 25 16:57:03 EDT 2014 by Berg Chilling Systems Inc

Metal spinning is a metalworking process with low costs and high benefits compared to machining or deep drawing alternatives.

What you need to know about conventional and shear metal spinning processes
Mon Aug 25 16:29:26 EDT 2014 by Metal Craft Spinning & Stamping Ltd

Petrolatum tape uses natural petrolatum and synthetic compounds to protect the integrity of industrial pipe surfaces and structures.

High performance petrolatum tape: a foolproof way for achieving perfect piping protection
Mon Aug 25 13:04:20 EDT 2014 by Denso North America Inc

Industrial electromagnetic and electro-permanent mechanisms are used to draw in or repel sizable metal or steel objects.

Eight steps on how to attract the right industrial magnet
Fri Aug 22 12:34:06 EDT 2014 by Magnetool Inc

Rubber manufacturing techniques play an important role in choosing the best elastomeric rubber profile.

Must know tips on selecting the best elastomeric rubber seals technology
Fri Aug 22 10:08:13 EDT 2014 by Pawling Engineered Products Inc.

Generally, when you combine two or more ingredients together, you are effectively performing the art and science of mixing.

Mixology 101: the best industrial mixing advice your business should take
Thu Aug 21 17:59:01 EDT 2014 by Admix Inc

Linear belt drives keep machinery, equipment and tools on the straight and arrow path providing linear motion in a straight line.

Four ways to make your linear belt drive more efficient
Thu Aug 21 13:20:35 EDT 2014 by Brecoflex Co L L C

Wire ropes re essential to the precise functioning of electronic and mechanical instruments.

Industrial wire ropes: five little known facts
Thu Aug 21 09:44:35 EDT 2014 by Bergen Cable Technology LLC

The main components of industrial grade sensors include a sensor, signal processor and transmitter.

Four sensor options that are just right for your industrial needs
Wed Aug 20 21:56:06 EDT 2014 by Wenglor Sensoric Canada Inc

All Chem Arrow oils are Air Quality Management District (AQMD) super compliant, a beneficial advantage that provides assurance and insurance that oils meet industry standards.

Four powerful ways to boost your industrial lubricant performance
Wed Aug 20 10:14:02 EDT 2014 by Rotem Industrial Products Inc