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Manage security and reduce risks with help from BSI Group
Mon Aug 28 10:58:32 EDT 2017 by BSI Group Canada Inc.

BSI Group offers a range of training courses aimed at the automotive industry.

Understanding the strict requirements of the automotive sector
Fri Aug 25 17:08:21 EDT 2017 by BSI Group Canada Inc.

The aerospace and aviation sector relies on BSI to help it comply with many different requirements.

BSI Group helps the aerospace sector meet critical requirements
Tue Aug 15 09:11:59 EDT 2017 by BSI Group Canada Inc.

CSA Group has launched new cybersecurity testing services.

CSA Group helps manufacturers mitigate cybersecurity risks with new testing services
Thu Jul 27 09:36:44 EDT 2017 by CSA Group

BSI offers training courses to help its clients build and manage a long-term information security framework.

Information security management system helps companies reduce risk and grow business
Wed May 24 12:21:50 EDT 2017 by BSI Group Canada Inc.

Rapid Gear's experienced craftsmen have the expertise to restore or redesign old gears and gearboxes.

Gearbox rebuild service offers significant savings
Tue May 23 11:45:13 EDT 2017 by Rapid Gear

BSI’s website features an easy-to-use Transition Timeline Tool designed to help customers develop a personalized transition schedule.

BSI offers transition timeline tool for revised ISO standards
Thu May 18 11:25:38 EDT 2017 by BSI Group Canada Inc.

The deadline to transition to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 is September 14, 2018.

Deadline to transition to revised ISO standards is looming
Tue May 02 17:25:39 EDT 2017 by BSI Group Canada Inc.

BSI’s model for Organizational Resilience is built upon its more than 100 years of experience.

How to master organizational resilience
Fri Apr 28 15:16:36 EDT 2017 by BSI Group Canada Inc.

CSA Group is dedicated to conducting and supporting research in emerging areas.

Research helps CSA Group stay informed and keep customers competitive
Thu Mar 23 15:02:15 EDT 2017 by CSA Group

New report highlights the need for companies to take a holistic approach towards their business continuity plans.

Technology attacks threaten business continuity
Fri Mar 17 11:13:16 EDT 2017 by BSI Group Canada Inc.

ISO 9001:2015 training courses help prepare companies for a smooth transition to the revised quality management standard.

Transition training courses help companies get the most out of revised quality management standard
Wed Nov 16 14:11:06 EST 2016 by BSI Group Canada Inc.

Entropy software helps users proactively manage risk, sustainability and performance.

Business improvement software helps organizations gain visibility and drive growth
Mon Oct 24 21:42:25 EDT 2016 by BSI Group Canada Inc.

ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems is designed to help companies grow without compromising resources for future generations.

How to reduce your environmental impact and grow your business
Thu Oct 13 11:48:07 EDT 2016 by BSI Group Canada Inc.

Coca-Cola Enterprises reduced its compressed air energy consumption significantly by employing a combination of CompAir compressors and a master control system.

Coca-Cola realizes significant savings with efficient compressed air system
Tue Sep 27 12:24:13 EDT 2016 by Compair Canada Inc.

BSI can help navigate the latest revisions to ISO 9001:2015.

Understanding the newly revised quality management standard
Wed Sep 21 13:55:12 EDT 2016 by BSI Group Canada Inc.

Chairman of the Board Philip Harting (second from left) opened the new plant in Mexico with other Harting managers.

New Harting plant means shorter turnaround times for Canadian customers
Wed Jul 27 10:33:22 EDT 2016 by Harting Canada Inc

Festo's new president and CEO, Roger Hallett

New Festo Canada CEO expects continued strong growth
Fri Jun 24 11:08:59 EDT 2016 by Festo Inc

CSA Group's testing and certification services offer a competitive advantage to global manufacturers of products used in hazardous locations.

Safety check: Are you meeting the requirements for operating in hazardous locations?
Wed Jun 22 11:26:19 EDT 2016 by CSA Group

NCA offers state-of-the-art compressed air equipment from leading manufacturers.

Save thousands of dollars a year with advanced compressed air systems
Wed May 04 11:39:27 EDT 2016 by NCA Ltd.

CSA A770 establishes key systems and components that need to be inspected in and around the home.

Home inspection standard now available from CSA Group
Wed Mar 16 16:41:00 EDT 2016 by CSA Group

The new whistleblowing guideline will help organizations establish and manage an effective mechanism for whistleblowing activities.

CSA Group publishes its first guideline on whistleblowing systems
Tue Mar 08 11:39:46 EST 2016 by CSA Group

By choosing to work with SGS, Bohne Spring has chosen the world’s leading company for inspection, verification, testing and certification.

Bohne Spring demonstrates quality with its ISO registration through SGS
Wed Feb 03 11:16:51 EST 2016 by Bohne Spring Industries Ltd.


Solve the growing skills gap with labour management
Fri Jan 29 21:11:05 EST 2016 by Kronos Canadian Systems Inc.

BSI helps clients manage the complex supply chains that today's businesses rely on.

BSI helps businesses manage complex supply chains
Tue Jan 12 21:49:00 EST 2016 by BSI Group Canada Inc.

Pegasus Glass demonstrates its commitment to employees and customers by focusing on 10 critical components.

Pegasus Glass is committed to these 10 things
Thu Nov 26 10:22:23 EST 2015 by Pegasus Glass

BSI offers management system certification.

Management system certification helps businesses overcome challenges
Thu Nov 26 10:11:11 EST 2015 by BSI Group Canada Inc.

Scan and Plan allows users to have access to critical information about the Tsubaki products they are currently using.

‘Scan and Plan’ program gives users instant access to critical information
Fri Oct 30 13:39:05 EDT 2015 by Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd

BSI's Entropy Software is the ideal on-demand solution for companies of any size.

Software helps companies with standards compliance
Thu Oct 22 23:13:48 EDT 2015 by BSI Group Canada Inc.

CSA Z809 - Sustainable Forest Management is Canada’s national standard for sustainable forest management.

New edition of sustainable forestry standard coming in 2016
Wed Oct 21 20:36:31 EDT 2015 by CSA Group