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The Inobell-R can be used with multi-axis robots.

Robotic rotating bell sprayer offers high-quality finish
Wed Apr 19 10:11:44 EDT 2017 by SAMES KREMLIN

Norpak can handle any material handling need, from transportation to robotic sorting.

Norpak offers Hytrol solutions for every material handling process
Mon Apr 03 17:57:57 EDT 2017 by Norpak Handling Limited

To address manufacturing hazards, CSA Group has published new editions of several important standards.

New standards and training can help keep manufacturers safe
Wed Mar 08 11:18:20 EST 2017 by CSA Group

The GEH6060IL mechatronic parallel gripper has been designed for human-robot collaboration.

New gripper a safe solution for human-robot collaboration
Tue Feb 14 14:30:47 EST 2017 by Zimmer Group - Canada

Matritech's robotic bending cell offers exceptional speed.

Matritech offers efficient manufacturing with its high-speed robotic bending cell
Thu Jan 26 08:50:52 EST 2017 by Matritech Inc.

Intercon Material Handling can help customize the UR robot to the user's exact needs with a range of end-effectors, accessories and software options.

Get an advanced robotic solution tailored to your application
Fri Dec 23 10:32:32 EST 2016 by Intercon Material Handling

Intercon Material Handling is a Canadian Universal Robots Preferred System Integrator.

Robotic systems integration solutions offer endless possibilities
Thu Dec 22 10:26:17 EST 2016 by Intercon Material Handling

The TRP 502 is a twin-gun design that features high paint flow.

Exel’s TRP robotic applicators a fit for many automotive finishing applications
Tue Nov 29 09:55:16 EST 2016 by Exel North America Inc

Intercon Material Handling is a preferred system integrator for Universal Robots in Canada.

Simple, flexible and affordable collaborative robots a fit for many applications
Tue Nov 01 09:03:21 EDT 2016 by Intercon Material Handling

Matritech has invested more than $15 million in fixed assets, including robotic bending and welding cells.

Robotic capabilities an advantage for Matritech customers
Tue Oct 25 11:39:34 EDT 2016 by Matritech Inc.

The PPH 707-SB electrostatic gun can be used on any robot for the application of solvent-based paint.

Robotic sprayer for solvent-based paint offers many benefits
Fri Oct 14 12:11:46 EDT 2016 by Exel North America Inc

The MiR100 is equipped with two laser scanners and a 3D camera to detect people and obstacles.

Mobile industrial robot increases productivity, reduces costs
Wed Oct 05 10:08:33 EDT 2016 by Intercon Material Handling

Exel North America supplies a variety of robotic sprayers for finishing applications.

Robotic finishing sprayers offer advanced features
Tue Sep 06 14:45:22 EDT 2016 by Exel North America Inc

The Nanobell is compact and lightweight because it was designed specifically for robotic applications.

Exel North America offers paint savings with the Nanobell robotic atomizer
Thu Aug 04 12:15:45 EDT 2016 by Exel North America Inc

Matritech has the resources and expertise to offer manual and robotic welding services.

Matritech welding department can handle both small- and large-scale runs
Mon Jun 27 11:08:35 EDT 2016 by Matritech Inc.

The new robotic bending cell complements Matritech’s lineup of versatile CNC standard bending presses.

New robotic bending cell adds capabilities to Quebec manufacturer
Fri Jun 24 10:59:30 EDT 2016 by Matritech Inc.

Cables for automated systems must meet a variety of requirements.

The basics of cable load capacities for automated systems
Thu Jun 09 12:39:20 EDT 2016 by Lapp Canada Inc

Modern robots are more mobile and require specialized cables.

Advanced robotics call for advanced cables from Lapp
Wed Apr 27 13:11:56 EDT 2016 by Lapp Canada Inc

Festo’s ready-to-install solutions include a selection of control cabinets, product modules, integrated solutions, mounting plates, handling systems and installation plates.

Festo offers ready-to-install solutions
Mon Feb 22 11:25:25 EST 2016 by Festo Inc

A wide range of industries and applications benefit from Harting products.

Harting solutions a fit for many industries and applications
Tue Jan 19 17:00:04 EST 2016 by Harting Canada Inc

The Sames PPH 707 SB and PPH 707 SB-2K robotic sprayers are available from Exel North America.

Robotic sprayer with high-speed rotary bell offers high performance and reliability
Mon Dec 21 20:05:54 EST 2015 by Exel North America Inc

The Sames PPH 707 MT and PPH 707 MT-2K robotic sprayers have advanced multi-trigger technology.

Sames robotic sprayers feature multi-trigger technology
Wed Dec 16 17:18:35 EST 2015 by Exel North America Inc

TRAXLINE cables include control, power, data, coax, system/servo and CAT5E/CAT 6 cables.

Continuous-flex cables from Tsubaki ideal for many applications
Wed Oct 07 16:44:26 EDT 2015 by Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd

Bergen Cable develops new products, and provides value engineering assistance to existing products.

Four reasons Bergen Cable is a leading solutions provider
Thu Oct 01 21:50:58 EDT 2015 by Bergen Cable Technology LLC

Lapp understands the importance of running efficient and high performance industrial operations, and supports its customers in the automotive industry with its high-quality offerings.

Lapp products work hard in many environments
Fri Sep 04 22:20:02 EDT 2015 by Lapp Canada Inc

Lapp Skintop strain relief cable glands guarantee secure connections every time.

Strain relief cable glands offer reliable connection
Fri Jun 05 08:21:30 EDT 2015 by Lapp Canada Inc

Lapp’s ÖLFLEX connecting and control cables are some of the most widely used in the world, and for good reason — the cables are rich with features.

ÖLFLEX cables offer power and control
Tue Apr 28 13:10:00 EDT 2015 by Lapp Canada Inc

Lapp products can be found across the globe in a wide array of industries and applications.

Lapp products found in many industries and applications
Tue Apr 28 12:42:58 EDT 2015 by Lapp Canada Inc

A company needed a custom enclosure for one of its oversized robotic units, and turned to Provincial Partitions for the solution — its Prowall components.

Modular enclosure houses oversized robotics, making assembly “a snap”
Thu Feb 12 09:48:29 EST 2015 by Provincial Partitions

Standards development is the foundation of CSA Group.

A quick guide to standards development
Wed Feb 11 21:19:36 EST 2015 by CSA Group