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After cleaning, the pipe was re-coated with the Denso Petrolatum Tape System using a 55 per cent overlap of the tape.

Fire water main is corrosion-free 28 years later thanks to Denso
Wed Mar 08 13:52:15 EST 2017 by Denso North America Inc

Matritech can optimize part manufacturing using its wide range of capabilities.

Matritech serves leading manufacturers in many markets
Wed Feb 22 14:12:41 EST 2017 by Matritech Inc.

Matritech is experienced at optimizing metal manufacturing projects.

Matritech optimizes manufacturing at every stage: from engineering to project management
Mon Jan 09 12:17:25 EST 2017 by Matritech Inc.

Matritech has taken steps to control the quality of its products, meeting strict quality standards.

Matritech demonstrates its commitment to quality
Wed Nov 30 22:10:42 EST 2016 by Matritech Inc.

Matritech has invested more than $15 million in fixed assets, including robotic bending and welding cells.

Robotic capabilities an advantage for Matritech customers
Tue Oct 25 11:39:34 EDT 2016 by Matritech Inc.

An ELS solution resulted in a safer, easier, faster and more efficient process for loading and unloading laser tables.

Combining workstation crane with tractor drive results in significant savings
Fri Sep 16 09:37:16 EDT 2016 by Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc.

Matritech clients say the metal parts manufacturer offers expert technical support.

Customers praise Matritech’s metal parts manufacturing services
Thu Jul 28 12:01:01 EDT 2016 by Matritech Inc.

Walter's Enduro-Flex 2-in-1 TURBO is a finishing flap disc designed for steel, stainless steel and aluminum fabricators.

Walter Surface Technologies expands portfolio of finishing discs
Mon Jan 11 15:20:01 EST 2016 by Walter Surface Technologies

Hi-Tech Duravent calls its RFH Series the most versatile general purpose hose available today.

Hi-Tech Duravent offers versatile hoses for many applications
Thu Jan 07 20:56:45 EST 2016 by Hi-Tech Duravent

Matritech works with its clients to carefully study and determine the feasibility of manufacturing the product.

Matritech services ensure customer satisfaction
Thu Nov 19 21:24:15 EST 2015 by Matritech Inc.

Vibra Finish offers wheel blasting, shot blasting, abrasive blasting and glass bead blasting services, each with their own ideal applications.

Four blasting techniques used on metal surfaces
Tue Aug 25 14:44:11 EDT 2015 by Vibra Finish Limited

NR Murphy manufactures a wide range of dust collectors, including shaker style dust collectors, pulse jet type bag and cartridge style dust collectors, reverse air dust collectors, cyclones and portable bag and cartridge dust collectors.

N.R. Murphy dust collectors ideal for many industries and applications
Fri Jul 17 08:25:25 EDT 2015 by N.R. Murphy Limited

Advance Fasteners offers a lineup of abrasives for grinding, cutting and notching applications.

Abrasives among the products available through Advance Fasteners
Wed Jul 15 16:24:32 EDT 2015 by Advance Fasteners Ltd

The Compact Belt File BF 10-280 E is among FEIN’s lineup of durable, high-quality products designed to meet the demands of stainless steel processing.

FEIN compact belt file meets the demands of stainless steel processing
Thu Jun 18 10:27:58 EDT 2015 by Fein Power Tool Company

Matritech makes punch-dies, and has the ability to handle orders with large dimensions or fine detail.

Continued investment allows Quebec manufacturer to offer many services
Fri Jun 12 13:31:31 EDT 2015 by Matritech Inc.

Vibra Finish makes different types of rust inhibitors designed to help prevent corrosion and wear in ferrous metal products.

Rust removal and prevention a necessary process for metal parts
Thu May 07 13:26:02 EDT 2015 by Vibra Finish Limited

BSI Group exists to help organizations achieve excellence through certification and training.

BSI helps make excellence a habit
Thu Mar 12 10:39:13 EDT 2015 by BSI Group Canada Inc.

Roll forming can eliminate secondary process operations, sub-assembly and finishing operations, resulting in increased production speeds and reduced costs.

Can your application save money through roll forming?
Wed Mar 04 14:17:53 EST 2015 by Nu-Tech Roll Forming Inc

The Zipwheel cutter is a powerful cordless cutter that can drive a six-inch cutting wheel.

Powerful cordless cutter ideal for onsite metalworkers
Wed Mar 04 10:59:27 EST 2015 by Walter Surface Technologies

Standards development is the foundation of CSA Group.

A quick guide to standards development
Wed Feb 11 21:19:36 EST 2015 by CSA Group

From semi-synthetic and synthetic to emulsion coolants, Rotem offers many varieties of TRIM brand fluids made by Master Chemical.

Coolant selection: Which option is right for your application?
Wed Jan 28 20:31:28 EST 2015 by Rotem Industrial Products Inc

When a multi-national leasing company redesigned its head office, it turned to Excess Space Solutions to create a bright but private environment.

Partitions revitalize work environment and improve productivity
Mon Jan 26 11:16:01 EST 2015 by Excess Space Solutions Inc

Henkel's MRO Workshop is a customizable, in-plant training program that finds and fixes inefficiencies — and improves plant profitability.

How to improve plant profitability
Thu Jan 22 15:27:13 EST 2015 by Henkel Canada Corporation

Rotem Industrial Products' lineup of high-quality products includes a wide variety of drills.

Industrial supplier offers wide selection of drills, fast
Wed Jan 21 14:28:50 EST 2015 by Rotem Industrial Products Inc

Henkel’s Loctite 4090 is an innovative hybrid adhesive that combines the strength of a structural adhesive with the speed of an instant adhesive to solve the toughest design, assembly and repair challenges.

New hybrid adhesive offers the best of both worlds
Wed Jan 21 14:07:53 EST 2015 by Henkel Canada Corporation

Penny+Giles’ new dual-output, no-contact rotary position sensor is designed for applications in extreme environments where space is limited.

Sensor tested to ensure high performance in tough environments
Wed Jan 21 13:58:39 EST 2015 by Durham Instruments

Global organizations are increasingly selecting workforce management solutions from Kronos deployed in the Kronos Cloud to support their strategies.

Global organizations transform workforce management with Kronos Cloud
Mon Jan 19 21:35:01 EST 2015 by Kronos Canadian Systems Inc.

CSA Group's 2015 Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1, includes more than 200 updates and revisions, and comes in an interactive version for tablets or phones.

Electrical code goes interactive with electronic version
Mon Jan 19 21:25:38 EST 2015 by CSA Group

A big part of Wainbee's success stems from its commitment to customers.

Wainbee drives home commitment to customers with quality policy
Wed Jan 14 20:50:39 EST 2015 by Wainbee Limited

DMR Sleeves are designed to prolong the life of damaged shafts and yokes by providing a new sealing surface that is superior to most original finishes and materials.

A quick guide to installing shaft repair sleeves
Wed Jan 14 14:44:54 EST 2015 by Daemar Inc.