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Tests demonstrate that the use of Bergen's Safety Cable results in a 50 per cent reduction in installation time.

Fastener retention perfected with Safety Cable tools and accessories
Wed Sep 20 14:46:21 EDT 2017 by Bergen Cable Technology LLC

Bergen Cable has served many critical industries over the last 75 years.

Bergen Cable serves many critical industries with ease
Fri Sep 01 08:00:43 EDT 2017 by Bergen Cable Technology LLC

The aerospace and aviation sector relies on BSI to help it comply with many different requirements.

BSI Group helps the aerospace sector meet critical requirements
Tue Aug 15 09:11:59 EDT 2017 by BSI Group Canada Inc.

Bergen Cable can produce a wide range of custom cable and wire rope assemblies.

Custom cable assemblies meet precise customer needs
Tue Aug 08 15:48:01 EDT 2017 by Bergen Cable Technology LLC

N.R. Murphy’s downdraft workbench is a stationary dust collector with an efficient filtering system.

Downdraft workbenches efficiently remove contaminated air from the workplace
Thu Jul 27 12:55:10 EDT 2017 by N.R. Murphy Limited

Bergen Cable is the go-to source for high-quality wire rope and cable assemblies.

Get your cable assemblies from an industry leader with 75 years of experience
Wed May 31 13:41:21 EDT 2017 by Bergen Cable Technology LLC

MOCAP's TPE-X Series Silicone X-Treme Tape is a useful tool across many industries.

Innovative tape can fix or seal virtually any item across a range of industries
Thu Apr 06 09:38:46 EDT 2017 by MOCAP

Bergen Cable Technology has extensive experience making cable assemblies to military specifications.

Military specifications ensure cable assemblies are reliable
Wed Mar 29 13:24:17 EDT 2017 by Bergen Cable Technology LLC

Thermo-Kinetics manufactures a comprehensive line of products for temperature and process measurement and control.

Manufacturer offers sensible solutions to process measurement
Thu Mar 16 12:12:39 EDT 2017 by Thermo-Kinetics Measurement & Control Ltd.

Bergen Cable Technology offers a range of cable solutions used for aviation.

Bergen Cable Technology products are used in many aviation applications
Tue Feb 21 14:57:20 EST 2017 by Bergen Cable Technology LLC

The Cox Exact Dual Rotor Turbine Flow Meter has a patented, hydraulically coupled helical dual rotor design.

Patented dual rotor design gives flow meter exceptional performance and accuracy
Tue Feb 07 10:04:26 EST 2017 by Durham Instruments

Vibra Finish has the experience and capability to meet the finishing needs of the demanding aerospace industry.

Aerospace sector benefits from Vibra Finish expertise
Mon Jan 02 10:30:26 EST 2017 by Vibra Finish Limited

Bergen Cable Technology can supply reliable cable assemblies for all types of applications.

Bergen cable assemblies are used in a wide range of applications
Wed Dec 28 10:00:07 EST 2016 by Bergen Cable Technology LLC

Bergen’s plant in Fairfield, N.J., is ISO9001, AS9100 certified.

Safety Cable meets strict quality standards
Tue Nov 29 22:04:03 EST 2016 by Bergen Cable Technology LLC

Bergen's fastener retention system offers a faster and simpler retention method.

Innovative fastener retention system offers dramatic time savings in critical applications
Thu Nov 03 15:35:11 EDT 2016 by Bergen Cable Technology LLC

Filtermist oil mist collectors are used by leading manufacturers across the globe.

Leading manufacturers use Filtermist oil mist collectors
Fri Oct 14 16:28:09 EDT 2016 by AMT Machine Tools Ltd

Bergen's Bertrol brand push-pull controls are ideal for many industries and applications.

Versatile push-pull assemblies a top choice for many demanding applications
Tue Sep 06 22:45:50 EDT 2016 by Bergen Cable Technology LLC

Bergen Cable can supply aircraft grade cable assemblies.

Cable assemblies: commercial grade vs. military spec
Fri Aug 05 19:50:11 EDT 2016 by Bergen Cable Technology LLC

Engineered Lifting Systems offers on-rail, steerable and towed transfer carts.

Making the choice: forklifts or transfer carts?
Tue May 03 11:22:24 EDT 2016 by Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc.

Daemar supports the aerospace industry with products that offer protection, sealing, alignment, retaining and more.

Daemar components a fit for aerospace applications
Tue Apr 12 12:56:39 EDT 2016 by Daemar Inc.

Vibra Finish has experience providing a range of finishing services to aerospace customers.

Vibra Finish has the expertise to meet the demands of the aerospace industry
Thu Mar 03 12:31:52 EST 2016 by Vibra Finish Limited

Bergen's Safety Cable System uses a patented all-in-one tool.

Bergen's Safety Cable features fast and easy installation
Fri Feb 26 13:42:13 EST 2016 by Bergen Cable Technology LLC

Lockclad is pictured here on the bottom with the aluminum clad sleeve on it.

Bergen Cable handles demanding Mil-Spec requirements
Tue Feb 02 21:27:14 EST 2016 by Bergen Cable Technology LLC

Hi-Tech Duravent’s 1PN-EP-HM blower hose provides positive pressure movement of air, dust and fumes.

Warming blower hoses offer versatility and performance for construction sites
Thu Jan 28 11:39:32 EST 2016 by Hi-Tech Duravent

A wide range of industries and applications benefit from Harting products.

Harting solutions a fit for many industries and applications
Tue Jan 19 17:00:04 EST 2016 by Harting Canada Inc

Wainbee’s pneumatic lubricant line includes three options.

How to increase the life of your pneumatic equipment
Wed Jan 13 23:34:05 EST 2016 by Wainbee Limited

Newcomb Spring has experience creating parts for aerospace applications.

Newcomb Spring meets the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry
Wed Jan 06 10:05:04 EST 2016 by Newcomb Spring Of Canada Ltd

Festo offers innovative products, solutions and services across the globe.

Festo continues to lead in innovation, automation and education
Tue Jan 05 11:21:55 EST 2016 by Festo Inc

Exel North America carries products used for the manual application of liquid and powder solution in penetrant testing.

Exel North America carries tools for non-destructive testing
Wed Dec 02 16:22:03 EST 2015 by Exel North America Inc

All Custom Gasket is a preferred supplier to the aerospace industry.

All Custom Gasket takes flight in aerospace industry
Mon Nov 16 17:01:05 EST 2015 by All Custom Gasket & Materials Ltd.