REDwire Zimmer Group launches innovative clamping and braking unit with no moving parts

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Zimmer Group's LBHS Series is a hydraulic braking element that consists of a single, functional component.

Zimmer Group has spent more than 20 years developing innovative products that reflect its commitment to quality and reliability in the fields of clamping and braking. One of the company’s more recent innovations demonstrates the technological expertise that it is known for: clamping and braking without moving parts.

A single, functional component

After more than two years in development, Zimmer Group launched the LBHS Series, a hydraulic braking element that consists of a single, functional component. The extremely slim unit features a patented unibody housing free of pistons, springs or other moving parts that are susceptible to wear and tear. Instead, the LBHS Series contains oil ducts and cut-outs created with precision through the use of wire-cut electrical discharge machining, and uses just the internal stress of the base body to generate braking and holding forces.

How it works

When the base body of the LBHS Series is pressurized with hydraulic fluid, it opens slightly, releasing the slide on the linear axis. If the hydraulic pressure drops, the element assumes its original shape again, which allows it to compress the two brake pads on the linear axis. The LBHS is closed without pressure and offers an integrated emergency function that ensures that all moving components stop safely if the pressure drops or the entire system fails.

Additional details

The LBHS Series joins Zimmer Group’s comprehensive portfolio of more than 4,000 products. Its lineup includes clamping and braking elements for profile rail guides, as well as circular and shaft guides. They are available in manual, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric styles. These products are designed to ensure precision during cutting processes, boost efficiency with short cycle times, and securely hold products in place to maximize safety and protect machines.

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