REDwire Zimmer Group clamping and braking products a top choice for critical tasks

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Zimmer Group clamping and braking products are known for offering high positional accuracy.

Zimmer Group is a leader in the fields of clamping and braking, with more than 4,000 innovative products available for a range of applications. Thanks to the company’s reputation for quality and reliability, its wide selection of clamping and braking elements are regularly used for critical positioning, holding and braking tasks.

The lineup

The company’s comprehensive portfolio means that there are many options available to meet the needs of each application. The options include:

  • The UBPS Series for handling cylinder heads for ship engines;
  • The MBPS Series for handling crankshafts with variable gripping distances;
  • The MKRS Series for round guides, which holds the box in place during overhead filling;
  • The MKS Series with built-in spring accumulator, which ensures the position of the gripper fingers and the gripper force without using energy;
  • The GHK gripper with integrated clamping element for friction-locked gripping force; and
  • The TPS rotation clamping element, which secures the crank housing precisely at the set rotation angle.

The advantages

These products are known for offering high positional accuracy, particularly during cutting processes, while boosting efficiency and enabling short cycle times. The hold is so secure that there is no relative movement for the workpiece, and no clamping forces are transferred to the guide block, which increases safety and protects the machines. The units are also virtually wear-free.

Additional details

Zimmer Group’s clamping and braking products are available for all common guide manufacturers. The company also has the capability to develop custom solutions that complement its large and diverse range of products.

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