REDwire York Fluid filter bags feature high holding capacities and fine particle capture

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York Fluid Controls can supply a range of liquid filtration equipment.

A range of high performance liquid filtration solutions are available from York Fluid Controls. The Brampton, Ont.-based company has specialized in fluid handling products for more than 55 years, and continually adds new and improved filtration equipment to its selection. The company takes pride in designing and manufacturing top quality filters at an affordable price, with the lowest filter cost per gallon. 

“We design and manufacture the most economical and most efficient filtration solutions available today.”

Filtration solutions

Whether the application involves removing dirt, trace oils, paint sludges, asbestos fibres or bacteria, York Fluid can provide an ideal solution. 

For instance, York 500 Series High Performance Liquid Filter Bags are made from polypropylene melt blown microfibres. These filter bags contain more than 32 square feet of usable filter media, compared to most liquid filter bags that have only 4.4 square feet and cartridges that have only 0.65 square feet. This design provides fine particle capture at efficiencies over 90 per cent. 

In addition, York liquid filter bags can be used to remove unwanted trace oils from processed fluids. In these applications, the large amount of surface area enables oil holding capacities of up to 25 times the filter’s own weight. Another benefit of the York 500 Series Liquid Filter Bags is they are compliant with FDA regulations for food and beverage contact. The filter has all polypropylene construction and uses a stainless steel ring.

Another solution available from York Fluid is the POMF Filter Bag Series. These filter bags are designed for contaminant applications where it is important to minimize particle travel. The filter bags consist of three layers: a pre-filtering layer for coarse debris, the primary layer made with micro pores for particle retention, and an outer cover to stop fibre migration. 

These filters can absorb oil from air, gas and aquaeous streams. POMF Filter Bags have more than 80 per cent void volume, which provides long service life and high contaminant loading.

Further details

To learn more about the wide range of filtration solutions available from York Fluid Controls, visit the company’s website.


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