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The many options available for liquid filter bags from York Fluid Controls include several styles of filter bag media.

York Fluid Controls can offer a wide variety of industrial filtration solutions and systems. The company has more than 55 years of experience as a specialist in unique fluid handling products. It continually adds new products to its filtration division. This has resulted in a comprehensive offering of filtration solutions that are built to meet the most demanding requirements in a variety of industries.

Filter bag options

The many options available for liquid filter bags from York Fluid Controls include several styles of filter bag media. For instance, the company offers bags in nylon monofilament mesh, which is a woven fabric with uniformly spaced holes. It consists of a single untwisted thread, and is suitable for surface filtration with 25-800 micron particle retention. Another option for surface filtration media is polyester multifilament. It consists of many smaller diameter threads twisted together. It is a low cost, disposable fabric that is available in 100-800 microns.

Alternatively, felt filter media is available in polyester and polypropylene. It is suitable for applications where particle retention of 1-200 microns is needed. When compared to mesh, felt offers a higher solids loading capacity because it provides three-dimensional depth filtration. 

Oil removal filter bags are also available. They are designed to remove even trace amounts of petroleum-based products from paint, coatings and other fluids. 

York Fluid Controls can also supply covered filter bags that will contain any fibre that may separate from felt filter bags.

The operating temperatures are one factor to take into consideration when choosing the appropriate filter media. Polypropylene can handle maximum temperatures up to 104.4 degrees C (220 degrees F); nylon can withstand up to 148.9 degrees C (300 degrees F); and polyester is suitable for up to 162.8 degrees C (325 degrees F).

Some other options for filter bags include sizes ranging from 2.1 to six gallons in volume, a variety of housings or vessels, and several options for the bag ring or flange, including carbon steel ring, nylon flange, draw sting and more.


All of these options enable York Fluid Controls to supply the ideal filter bags to a variety of industries, including paper, food, petroleum and chemical. They are used to filter all types of fluids, ranging from beer and corn syrup to sulphuric and hydrochloric acids. 

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