REDwire York Fluid Controls offers a range of Blacoh products to improve pump performance

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Blacoh's inlet stabilizers are available in a range of sizes and types.

York Fluid Controls can supply a range of accumulators, surge suppressors, inlet stabilizers and more from Blacoh. The manufacturer offers products for all types of municipal and industrial process industries. This equipment can improve the performance of pumps and instrumentation, and significantly extend the life of system components. Blacoh’s solutions will eliminate problems such as noise, vibration, pressure fluctuation and water hammer.

Blacoh’s manufacturing expertise

Blacoh is a leading manufacturer of industrial fluid system products. The company has been in business since 1976, and has gained extensive experience making equipment for such industries as food, oil, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical. Its products are used in practically every application, from the most delicate cosmetics to the harshest chemicals.  

Product offering

Accumulators from Blacoh include bladder, piston and diaphragm models. They are available in a range of sizes and materials. These accumulators feature single body construction, ensuring maximum safety for high pressure applications.

Surge suppressors and pulsation dampeners from Blacoh can be used with all types of pumps (piston, plunger, gear, air diaphragm, peristaltic or diaphragm metering), and will produce a flow that is up to 99 per cent pulsation- and vibration-free. They feature easy installation, convenient in-line maintenance, and a reliable design. Custom-built models are available for pressures up to 25,000 psi (1724 bar).

Inlet stabilizers from Blacoh will improve the flow conditions of inlet valves, providing complete chamber fill and ensuring accurate readings from inlet side gauges. These inlet stabilizers are available in a range of chemically resistant materials, and come in capacities ranging from .16 to 37.85 litres. 

A leading distributor

These Blacoh products are among the lineup of innovative, quality products available from York Fluid Controls, a specialty stocking distributor based in Brampton, Ont. For more information on Blacoh products and additional equipment available, contact York Fluid Controls.


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