REDwire Workstation crane helps eliminate strain

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Workers feel the difference and ergonomic benefit of the Gorbel workstation crane at this manufacturing plant.

A manufacturer of plastic injection moulded parts for the automotive industry had its workers pushing plastic injection moulds, weighing more than 2,000 pounds, using a steel gantry crane. The workers picked the moulds with the crane and transported them to the maintenance work cell where the moulds were maintained and reassembled. This action — walking the mould and crane together onto the appropriate maintenance table — was physically straining for the workers. There had to be a better, more efficient and safer way.

Engineered Lifting Systems and Equipment (ELS) had the answer — a Gorbel freestanding workstation crane. Workstation cranes, with capacities up to 4,000 pounds, cover a rectangular work area and have a modular design that allows easy expansion or relocation. They can be installed on any normal six-inch reinforced concrete floor. 

Thanks to the Gorbel crane, the workers are now able to roll the mould cart into the maintenance work cell, pick the mould off the cart by simply moving the bridge into position, and then place the mould onto the appropriate maintenance table. 

“Workers feel the difference and ergonomic benefit of the Gorbel workstation crane,” the company says, adding that the process is a lot more efficient now. 

ELS, based in Elmira, Ont., provides standard and custom overhead material lifting systems and equipment to customers across the globe. Contact Engineered Lifting Systems and Equipment to learn more. 


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