REDwire Wood manufacturers rely on high-performance dust collectors for clean air

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Three of N.R. Murphy’s families of dust collectors can be used to meet the demanding air filtration needs of wood manufacturers.

N.R. Murphy manufactures a complete line of dust collectors, fans and accessories designed to improve the air quality of its customers. These versatile and rugged units can accommodate the environmental needs of all types of industries, including the wood manufacturing industry. In fact, three of N.R. Murphy’s four families of dust collectors can be used to meet the demanding air filtration needs of wood manufacturers, with the ability to handle the fine dust that this sector produces.

The FB Series

The FB Series is known for its highly efficient performance on many types of dust particles, as well as its ease of use and low maintenance requirements. This family consists of several models designed for shops of different sizes. For example, there is a compact model ideal for small workshops. It offers continuous waste removal through one waste removal point. There are also medium-sized cyclonic models. One is designed for small industrial applications where large volumes of air are required for relatively small amounts of dust collected, while the other is appropriate for medium- to large-sized shops, and allows plants to prevent air pollution while reclaiming heat and humidity at the same time. A large capacity collector is also available for shops where large volumes of dust-laden air have to be filtered.

The HE Series

The HE Series is known for its continuous duty and automatic self cleaning. Thanks to these features, this family is an ideal fit for use in operations that run multiple shifts and seldom, or never, shut down. They have a heavy gauge galvanized all-welded construction, and are available in many sizes and configurations.

The MK Series

The MK Series is another quality product from N.R. Murphy that can meet the needs of the wood industry. The rugged, self-contained models feature a heavy gauge all-welded construction in a square or rectangular design, with tube-style filters and mechanical cleaning. The units are flexible and compact, quiet and require minimal maintenance. They also offer high performance on all types of dust particles.

Additional details

These units can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. To determine which unit is most appropriate for your application, contact N.R. Murphy. The company has been in business for more than 70 years, and has 14,000-plus dust collectors installed across the globe.


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