REDwire Wireless synchronized clock system reliably gives time

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The DuraTime Wireless Clock System is available from Process Instruments and Components.

The DuraTime Wireless Clock System, from BRG Precision Products, is a reliable way to wirelessly synchronize all time displays within a facility without expensive wiring. Designed for zero system downtime with no single point of failure, the 2.4-GHz system is easy to install and has many best-in-class features.

System components 

The system can be scaled to meet the needs of the specific user. It comes with a primary and backup master clock for built-in redundancy, secondary clocks (analog or digital) and a wireless receiver. An optional audio player and wireless speakers can be added. 

Master clock: The system supports multiple master clocks with multiple, simultaneous time sources that automatically adjust time for daylight savings. Optional NTP, GPS or CDMA time sources may be used at the same time to increase reliability. The master clock provides time updates to secondary devices 86,400 times a day.

Secondary devices: There are many options for secondary clocks. Analog wall clocks are available in 12- and 15-inch models, in a black polycarbonate or brushed aluminum finish. This option features a battery pack that provides at least five years of operation between battery changes. If digital clocks are preferred, DuraTime LED digital clocks are available in 2.5- or four-inch tall digit size models, making them easy to see from a distance. These externally powered clocks feature an automatic brightness sensor that offers a pleasant balance in different lighting. DuraTime LCD clocks are another option. These battery-powered digital clocks display day, time and temperature. 

Wireless receivers: The time source for the master clocks is a wireless receiver, and there are two options available. One receives the time from cellular phone towers and transmits it to the master clocks through the mesh network. The other receives the time from military GPS satellites and transmits it to the master clocks through the mesh network.

Additional features

The DuraTime system promises to be the most reliable clock system available thanks to all of the above best-in-class features and components. But it’s also one of the most secure. The system features AES 128-bit data encryption for secure communications. In addition, due to the advanced digital radio technology employed, the DuraTime Wireless Clock System has 16 times the transmit power of competing clock systems.


The DuraTime Wireless Clock System is available in Canada from Process Instruments and Components Inc. The established Canadian industrial controls distributor proudly represents a variety of manufacturers, bringing quality products to a wide range of industries.

To learn more about the DuraTime Wireless Clock System, contact Process Instruments and Components.


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