REDwire Wireless sensors and mobile software team up to offer increased savings and efficiencies

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SensoNode Blue wireless sensors work with Parker’s Scout mobile software to track and analyze data in real time.

Wainbee is proud to offer many innovative products designed to help its customers remain efficient and competitive. SensoNode Blue wireless sensors, a registered trademark of Parker, are no exception. These Bluetooth-powered sensors work with Parker’s Scout mobile software to track and analyze data, in real time, on temperature, pressure and humidity levels within a hydraulic system. The result is an advanced system that facilitates major time and cost savings, improved efficiencies and much more.

How it works

SensoNode Bluetooth-powered sensors catch performance fluctuations in hydraulic systems. They monitor assets for changes in pressure, temperature and humidity to help predict problems and prevent downtime. This information is transmitted to Scout software, which records the data in real-time and saves it in historic trends. This data is also sent to the user’s mobile device so they can view it in real time, and stop problems before they occur, or catch small issues before they become serious problems.

Key features and benefits

SensoNode Bluetooth-powered sensors are compact and lightweight, yet robust enough for use in harsh environments. They are designed to provide consistent and accurate readings for pressure, temperature and humidity in diagnostic and condition monitoring applications. To achieve this goal, the sensors feature a diagnostics mode to collect streams of data for analysis. They also have a beacon mode, which gives measurements and charts to any user within range. Additional features include an easy wireless connection process with no power supply needed, and an LED indicator that helps identify sensor status.

Scout mobile software allows users to connect their mobile devices to the network and receive the diagnostic data and analytics transmitted by SensoNode sensors. The software compiles the data and presents it in a way that makes sense to a user’s operation with an easy-to-use interface. It also allows them to receive user-defined alerts for unexpected condition changes that may damage assets.

Together, Parker’s SensoNode sensors and Scout mobile software provide advanced condition monitoring. The result is a system that allows users to identify issues before they escalate, reducing downtime and maintenance costs in the process.

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