REDwire Wire forming expert offers durable athletic facemasks

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Arc-Fil can provide facemasks that meet or exceed standards set by CSA, ASTM, HECC and NOCSAE.

Facemasks are a critical piece of safety equipment for a wide variety of sports. From novices to professionals, every athlete deserves a facemask they can trust — one that has been built to the highest standards for quality and durability.

Arc-Fil is one manufacturer that fulfills that need. The experienced company is best known for its custom strip and wire forming services. But with its rigorous production methods and testing, Arc-Fil can provide facemasks that meet or exceed standards set by CSA, ASTM, HECC and NOCSAE.

Turn-key service

Arc-Fil offers turn-key service, including modelling, tooling, samples and testing. According to the company, these capabilities allow it to handle facemask projects from start to finish.

“We have the expertise in-house to convert your most challenging designs into consistently produced, high performance, safety-tested masks.”

The company specializes in wire forming, welding, finishing and coating services. It also has a reputation for competitive lead times and excellent customer service. One Arc-Fil customer, a helmet manufacturer, praised the company’s service.

“Arc-Fil’s face guard production is consistent and accurate, and their team is always available to help.”

Durable construction

To provide athletes with the most high strength and lightweight masks possible, Arc-Fil works with the best materials, including titanium, carbon steel and stainless steel. The company also takes pride in the high quality and precision of its welding services. That is important because any welds in athletic masks must be durable enough to handle the abuse involved with sports.

“Every weld at Arc-Fil is made to withstand the most severe tackles, slap shots, fastballs, crashes and tumbles,” the company explains.

Arc-Fil utilizes a robotic welding system that is calibrated to offer maximum strength. The welds are also verified by Arc-Fil’s experienced professionals. 

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